9/17/15 Chris Q.

Good Afternoon North House,

It’s almost Friday! But since it’s still not quite the weekend, there is still work to be done. This morning we started off with English, and as usual we did our 20 minutes of SSR. Mrs. Edwards then continued to go around and log our current page numbers. She then stamped the bottom right corner of our “strengths and weaknesses” activity in our notebooks. Following that, our ASB representatives made announcements and did a spirit week count. Mrs. Edwards then passed out a sheet of paper discussing tips on margin noting, since this is something we will be doing throughout this unit and the semester. If we found some of the tips interesting or helpful, we were encouraged to write them in our English notebooks. After reading the tips on how to effectively margin note, she passed out an entry from Angie Miller’s blog and gave us 17 minutes to margin note the article. Once the 17 minutes was over, we discussed how we felt about this article’s validity, and how the text possibly could have been made more convincing through some in-text citations. Through this blog, it inspired Mrs. Edwards to create our new lesson entitled, “The Writing Menu Unit.” She passed out a rubric for this new core project and we will be creating a “menu” of different writing types. We will be put into groups based on our personality because most likely we will have similar goals and want to practice the type of writing that is needed for either path we might choose to take later in life.

– English Homework: Blog #3 due tomorrow by 8:00 P.M.

In Math today we did our NWEA benchmark testing in the computer lab with Mr. Vargas. This task took the entire blog to complete.

– Math Homework: Don’t forget about Khan Academy, due Sunday by midnight

Today in Chemistry, Mr. Pang explained the ins and outs of the periodic table and took notes on it. He then gave us the option of only completing questions 20-23 (chapter 5) in class to receive the stamp so we can use the rest of the class time to work on our hypothesis.

– Chemistry Homework: Chapter five, questions 4, 5, 30, 32, 35, 38, and 42.

ASB Announcements:

– Tomorrow is Pep Rally so don’t forget to wear our class color (black)
– Tomorrow is also the Blackout Dance which will be held in the MPR from 7:00- 10:00 P.M. (prices: $10 w/ASB – $12 w/o ASB – $15.00 at the door)
– Concert Night: September 30th starting at 3:30 P.M. in the MPR


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