9/15/15 Chris Q.

Good Afternoon North House,

Today was another terrific Tuesday! This morning we started off in Nav’s class where we took notes on a seven slide presentation on “Colonial America”. We then went on to do a 20 question activity using an atlas that he passed out. Those two tasks brought us to the end of class.

– History Homework: pages 36-41, questions 1-4

In English, we started with an ASB spirit week check by our two ASB representatives. Good job on another day of 100% participation! We then proceeded to do our usual 20 minutes of SSR and once our 20 minutes was up then Mrs. Edwards went around to log our page numbers. She then went on to explain Scholastic book orders! They are always placed in her room and are a great way to buy SSR books without our high California sales tax and shipping. But don’t forget, once you finish an SSR book to create a bookmark which is found on the Junior Class Blog under handouts! Lastly, we proceeded to take a personality quiz. Mrs. Edwards read the questions to us aloud and we answered to how we felt about it. We were then able to find out the “DNA” or our personality. For homework we have to read about our certain personality at this web address (http://www.16personalities.com/personality-types) but if that link does not work for you, you can go to the Junior Class English Blog, click on handouts and it is under “writing menu unit.” On that site it gives you a list of your personality’s strengths and weaknesses and for homework (4th notebook entry) we must pick one strength and one weakness and write down why you relate and give an explanation.

– English Homework: read the introduction and the strength and weaknesses page at this web address http://www.16personalities.com/personality-types and then chose one strength and one weakness and write an explanation to why you chose those and how you can relate. That will be your 4th blog entry into your English notebook, (due 9/17/15) Also don’t forget about Blog entry #3 (due: 9/18/15 by 8:00 P.M.)

ASB Announcements:

– BLACKOUT DANCE on 9/18/15 in the MPR from 7:00-10:00 P.M. BRING A FRIEND, guest passes are available in the front office. Tickets are on sale during lunch and everyday after school ($10 w/ASB, $12 w/o ASB, $15 at the door)
– Spirit Week: Wed. = Blackout Day, Thurs. = Neon, and Fri. = Class Color (black)
– Concert Night: Begins at 3:30 P.M. in the MPR and sign up with your ASB Representative, this is taking place of movie night and is a forum where people who are musically inclined can showcase their talent.
– Also a side note: the junior ASB team will be selling Rice Krispy Treats and Honey Buns tomorrow!


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