9/14/15 Chris Q.

Good Afternoon North House,

Today was a very eventful day! In English, we started with our usual 20 minutes of SSR, and then Mrs. Edwards went around and logged in our page number. Our ASB representatives then did a check for spirit week, and we ended up receiving participation from everyone! Following that, our fellow classmate, Luke D. proposed we give the NWEA Language Test one last “college try.” Unfortunately, the site did not work, but Mrs. Edwards gave us a teachable moment from it. She said: “there will always be complications in your life, but the better person will always roll with the punches.” Our in-class activity was an SUSD activity which was in a book Mrs. Edwards introduced to us called “The Reader for College Writers.” The assignment was called “The Central Idea” (entry #3 in our notebooks). We had to read from page 55 to page 63 and take notes on the content in our English notebooks. Then answer the 10 questions on page 64 on a separate sheet of paper and turn it into Mrs. Edwards, any left over time was ours to spend doing something productive.

– English Homework: Blog Assignment #3 (Due 9/18/15 by 8:00 P.M.)

Our second class of the day was Math, we turned in our first component and Mr. Headman assigned us an in-class math activity called “Do higher baseball salaries mean more wins?” The assignment dealt with analyzing data and graphing in into our calculators using linear regression. The majority of the house did not finish, so next time we see him we will be given 10 minutes in class to finish then share it.

– Math Homework: Khan Academy (Due 9/20/15 by Midnight)

Our last class of the day was Chemistry! We reviewed our packet from our book-work and then Mr. Pang collected it. He then went on to explain the second component, which is the Conservation Awareness Documentary and Lab Report. He passed out two packets per group and Mr. Pang must approve our experiments and they are on a first come first serve basis.

– Chemistry Homework: Finding an experiment and getting a hypothesis and explanation approved by 9/21/15

ASB Announcements:

– BLACKOUT DANCE on 9/18/15 in the MPR from 7:00-10:00 P.M. BRING A FRIEND, guest passes are available in the front office. Tickets are on sale during lunch and every day after school
– Spirit Week: Tues. = Disney Day, Wed. = Blackout Day, Thurs. Neon Day, and Fri. = Class Color (Black)
– Also a side note: the junior team will be selling Rice Krispy Treats and Honey Buns starting this Wednesday!


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