Read The Walking Dead by Maria Konnikova. Write a 250-word response to the article.


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  1. This article brings into the spotlight an issue that impacts the whole of the American population: sleep deprivation. The author of the article cites several studies in which people’s sleep cycles are examined. What they observed is that a more prevalent issue that sleep loss is circadian disruption. This term refers to the body’s natural rhythm of sleeping and waking. Students in today’s society are forced to sleep late and wake up early for school, while their natural circadian rhythm wants the body to sleep early and wake up late. Most teens need 9 and a half hours of sleep every night, but most only manage 6 to 7 hours. These issues regarding sleep can have certain repercussions in the form of health deficiencies. People with extreme cases of sleep deprivation are “…more prone to metabolic and endocrine problems, including weight gain, with a resulting increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

    I believe that this problem, however easy to identify, is difficult to solve. One proposition that exists is to lighten the homework load for students and delay school start times, but this can cause schedules of students to clash with parents. Although most teenagers can drive themselves to school or take the bus, sleep deprivation affects students early on in developmental stages. No clear solution to this problem exists, unfortunately. But there is one undeniable fact: sleep deprivation is a problem that is severely impacting our performance. If we all realize this, maybe a solution can be found.

  2. Sleep deprivation has become so commonplace nowadays that we typically pay it no attention. Even doctors will gloss over the fact that we don’t get proper sleep and this can lead to misdiagnosis of things like ADHD. However this is a problem that can’t just be overlooked. It can’t be fixed by cleaning up your act and getting a couple more good nights sleep. If you fall behind the side effects will follow and won’t be easily rid off. That’s why it is important not only to get plenty of rest, but to make sure you are comfortable when sleeping. The simplest thing to do is get plenty of rest. However the number of hours you need for sleep varies depending on age. As an adult you should be getting around 8 hours of sleep. Toddlers typically should get 13 hours of sleep, as well as a 1 hour nap. For myself as a teenager, I should be getting around 9 and a half hours of sleep. At the same time I had a separate sleep schedule than adults and children, I go to sleep and wake up later. As for actually sleeping comfortably, we do so many things wrong. For one, we associate our bed with things other than sleeping. This can easily be disassociated by avoiding doing anything that’s not sleep on your bed. No reading, texting, lying down staring at the ceiling while pondering about events from 7 years ago, or anything of the sorts. You should also try and sleep I’m a colder environment as it will keep you relaxed and at ease while allowing you to fall asleep faster.

  3. Wow, I never knew how much my sleeping patterns affect how well I function on a daily basis. I thought I was fine with the 6 or 7 hours of sleep I normally get, but knowing that is not enough to fully function and be effective and productive during the day, I want to get more sleep on a daily basis so I can function just a little bit better throughout a day. Options to help get more sleep are, going to bed later, maybe waking up later. Another option, because teens are normally night owls, is to push school start times back so students can sleep for more extended periods of time also, the grogginess effects after waking up would go away quicker and students would be ready to learn sooner after waking up. My tips to younger students to get more sleep, especially during the school year, are to go to bed early whenever you get the opportunity because you don’t know how many nights in a row you’re going to be up until at least midnight doing homework. Another thing is to take naps whenever the opportunity comes around to you. And one tip, specifically for Ipoly students, is to not procrastinate! I mean, you can procrastinate if you want, but when you wait to do 80% of a component the night before it’s due, and you’re up forever, that is all your fault, and just know you will not be getting very much, if any sleep that night.

  4. Sleep deprivation is so common among us, that we do not notice it affecting us. As teenagers, we tend to stay up later and wake up earlier to get ready for school. You may think that the hours you slept are enough to get you by the day however, the lack of sleep isn’t putting you in a place where you can reach your full potential. It is affecting your grades, health, memory, and test scores. Children and teenagers are more at risk since our brains are still developing and that is time frame where the most sleep is required. Children need about 13 hours plus naps, teenagers need at least 9 hours, meanwhile most adults only require about 8 hours of sleep. In the short term of sleep deprivation, our performances suffer, decisions have a higher rate of turning out badly, learning becomes harder, and we become more impulsive and irrational. In the long run, we are more likely to end up with health problems such as diabetes or increase risk for cancer. It is extremely hard to recover from sleep deprivation. It could take weeks or even months in order to somewhat gain what we lost. The things we do now concerning sleep could impact us forever. Most of us love sleep, yet we don’t want to sleep for the proper amount each day. We could take a step closer to getting better sleep by going to sleep at an earlier time, taking naps, limit your screen time before bed, do things on time, and relax.

    (…Yet here I am around 10:30pm doing homework.)

  5. I usually sleep 4-5 hours a night on the weekdays but after reading this article I know that I should probably change that. Those hours of sleep I lose because of homework or video games have a bigger impact on me than i ever expected. I can change starting by getting at least 9 hours of sleep a night if possible.

    Sleep deprivation affects most Americans and especially teens our age. We are suppose to get at least 9 and a half hours of sleep but most of us stay up late doing homework or doing other activities. These hours of sleep we lose is so consistent every night that our daily performances over all is actually lowered and we are not able to do anything to our fullest capabilities. Most of us think we can get away with just a few hours of sleep but doing so will lead to some short term effects like bad memory, less alertness, and being sleepy through out the day. Although these don’t last our whole life there are also long-term effects like more prone to diabetes and more prone to different types of cancers. So, next time you have time to catch up on sleep (free time) you should take it because we don’t get nearly enough sleep at night time due to early school times. Don’t stay up late doing work because you think adding extra hours to your wake time will help you be more productive. Doing so will actually just affect you negatively more than it will help you be productive. Lack of sleep causes us to be slower and our brain not to function 100%. A good way to get more sleep and condition your body for it is do the same activities leading up to your sleep every night. If you can’t sleep when you get to bed, get up and do something before you try and sleep again. By doing so, you prevent the mind to condition itself to think that you can lay in bed doing nothing staying awake. If you are able to do these simple things every night you can get more sleep and lower the effects of sleep deprivation on you.

  6. This article, “The Walking Dead” truly shines a light on an issue that not only affects me, but countless others as well. I know there have been days where I couldn’t go to school the next day because I simply needed sleep. In the article, it states that: as growing teenagers, we are more susceptible to the effects of sleep deprivation such as risks of developing obesity, cardiovascular disease, and various cancers. We need at least nine and a half hours of sleep while our adult counterparts need at least a recommended eight hours. However, as teenagers, we have a “circadian rhythm” (our body’s natural clock) that has us going to bed and waking up late. Basically, our loss of sleep as teenagers may not seem to be affecting us in the present, but we will face the consequences later down the road. So, can I say iPoly is actually killing me?

    When posed the question, “How can we fix this issue of sleep deprivation, specifically among teenagers?” It is quite difficult. Some might say lighten the workload or don’t do so much community service or extra curricular activities outside of school. However, those are things universities like to see, by the time you get home from school, you’re working on after-school activities, you finish your homework, and its time to go to bed. There is no time for a teenager to just be a teenager, so if sleep deprivation were to be seriously addressed, I believe it would require a major paradigm shift in our society.

  7. I tend to average four, maybe five hours of sleep, and I realize that it isn’t healthy. However, I don’t think this problem is one that necessarily can be fixed by myself or most other teenagers. The article implies that school might be part of the problem, and I’d have to agree. I think my sleeping habits come from my attempts to adapt to a hectic schedule that I feel I somehow have to make manageable with cutting what I feel is important. Unfortunately, sleep always tends to take a lower spot on the list of importance so it’s usually the first to go. Homework and school is always a top priority, so I find myself sacrificing in order to stay up late to finish homework and waking up early to hustle to school on time. If I ever find myself with the opportunity to go to bed at a decent hour, I somehow end up wasting away those hours worrying about homework and upcoming projects and school. Personally I believe it’s the stress of the homework more than the homework itself that causes these problems. There’s so much demand for time, especially as a teenager, that juggling it all is a stress inducing process itself. Teenagers are expected to do all the homework and do the chores and spend time with the family and of course have a social life. It’s too much to squeeze into one day, and yet none of it seems unimportant enough to cut out.

  8. Sleep is one of the most important things I can sometimes deprive myself of. I personally love to sleep, but it’s hard trying to balance so many extracurricular, homework, and personal hobbies during the weekdays and still get the recommended sleep hours. I am a personally advocate for making schools start sometime later so students have the option to sleep later and help their health by getting the recommended hours.
    After reading this article and seeing the effects “suboptimal” sleep can do to your body, I have thought about things that I could personally do to fix this problem. I personally try and get to sleep around 10, but sometimes after doing homework for some odd hours I enjoy playing games or reading. So when I go to sleep around midnight. When things like this happen I only have a few tricks on going to sleep. For one I stop using my phone at least an hour before I plan on sleeping. The reason for this is that when you look at your phone, the special light from your phone released a chemical that tells your brain you are not sleepy. Another thing is that instead of using my phone I like to listen to podcasts or relaxing videos like ASMR. ASMR is my favorite thing to fall asleep to but some people think it’s pretty weird or strange, but it helps release the chemicals in your brain that help you fall asleep.

  9. This article truly fascinated me with its abundance of stats and references to studies and experiments and I must say that I am now more aware of the negative effects of sleep deprivation. Although Miss Konnikova effectively persuaded me of the importance of the issue, she also managed to depress me with her negativity. She begins her article by going straight into the multitude of awful things that will happen to you and your functionality as a human if you do not get the proper amount of sleep. This itself is understandable and Maria begins to give a practical solution to the issue. “Even a delay of as little as half an hour…” she proposes when addressing school start times, is the solution to improving a teen’s performance in school and behavior. Amazingly, this slight change in school schedule seems to bring car crashes and depression down while bringing GPA’s up. But that small glimmer of hope is soon crushed when she writes, “Even if you start sleeping more today, you may be too late to avoid some of the impacts of sleep deprivation.” By saying this, she immediately shuts down any solutions she, or any scientists present. Not only does she criticize hope in a long-term solution to sleep deprivation, but also she continues on with another bombardment of studies that show how most people don’t even know they are sleep deprived. I recognize the weight of the issue at hand but this article accomplishes no more than simply raising an issue with no solution. Although it is true a few extra hours of sleep will help you perform better tomorrow, a true solution is unattainable without a complete transformation of society.

  10. Sleep deprivation is common for our age now a days (13-18) because we stay up so late to do work, watch some Netflix, or just because we aren’t sleepy yet. However I didn’t know the consequences for not getting at least nine hours of sleep. It’s funny that we have to wake up really early like around six to get ready for school but we don’t get enough sleep. Some consequences are not for filling your full potential at school, not focussing, or paying attention to things going around. Like the article mentions, it could also lead to A.D.H.D diagnosis, likely to gain weight and obese.
    People usually sleep for six hours for twelve days with it’s pretty bad ( heck I sleep for seven hours a day) which could also affect our physical health. My solution (that I think will work) is that the schools should start around 8am and finish at 5pm because our brains don’t wake up or start until 1 hour after we wake up. Teachers could also reduce homework but also increase class work so we could balance the work and get more sleep and be less stressful on doing homework. If we want to improve our G.P.A, or not sleep during our classes we should get more sleep (around 9 hours) to get through the day. Honestly their is no straightforward solution to this problem to teenagers but we could reduce it form it getting worse and making us real walkers ( walking dead show pun).

  11. The lack of sleep has become a breeding ground of debate over the years. The amount of sleep an average person takes is stunning and has left others baffled to believe.The reason behind the sleep deprivation is ambivalent. Stress and work overdose are some examples of sleep deprivation. Now, in the modern world, the importance of work and other factors have taken a toll on the sleep of one person. Not just adults, but teenagers and even young children also suffer from the deprivation of sleep. Most experts agree that young children and teenagers need more hours of sleep than adults due to the still formation of the brain which has not fully developed. Factors that lead to the lack of sleep can take drastic errors that can harm a person in the near future. Certain disorders, such as ADHD, can be a result of lack of sleep. Diabetes and overweight are also common issues surrounding the lack of sleep. Articles like these shine the light on the issue of sleep deprivation which many Americans suffer from. Although sleeping more may not turn around the errors we have done, it could, possibly, avoid more serious damaging effects on a person. To combat the problem, permit yourself to complete your tasks of the day, turn off the utilization of electronics roughly one hour before bedtime( electronics stimulate the brain into thinking to remain awake), and finally, set your bedtime at a certain time to train the brain into falling asleep. These methods would certainly work for almost anyone.

  12. Man, I wish i can get more sleep than i usually do. I do know sleep is important, but the problem is that i lack in sleep. To get an idea of my sleep schedule, it’s basically sleep around 10:00pm and eventually waking up around 5:00am. That’s just 7 hours of sleep and this is throughout a whole week, from Sunday to Saturday. The problem with me waking up at 5 every morning is that my mind is “automatically” set to wake up at that time. I don’t have that advantage that other teens have of waking up late. I do believe that the proper amount of sleep is 8-10 hours. (Better ways to get sleep) But what are the best ways to have a better and good night sleep? Is it having your mom singing you to sleep and tucking you in? I believe and think to get better sleep is to exercise and to have a proper nutrition because the circulation within the body will promote better sleep. As for teens, DON’T SLEEP LATE. I think it’s ridiculous that teens sleep late and choose not to sleep. LIKE BRUH! YOU GO TO IPOLY, YOU NEED ALL THE SLEEP YOU CAN GET! Teens should not do their work late (#procrastination), get in a comfy position, and when it’s hot, sleep in a really really cold room. That will help a lot. Key points in the article was basically examining people’s sleep cycles. GRIND HARD BUT GET SLEEP.

  13. Sleep deprivation is very common to teenagers and young adults. Often I tend to fall asleep around 11:30pm to midnight. I wake up at six in the morning everyday and knowing that I’m supposed to have at least nine and a half hours of sleep is insane. When I get home from school, I usually do homework and then I take a nap for an hour. Taking naps can result to me always sleeping late and when I sleep late, I don’t get enough rest and I’m tired and sassy throughout the day. If I don’t take naps after doing my homework I think it will give me a better chance to get the right amount sleep. I will change that habit so I can be fully well rested and be active throughout the day. In this article it tells you that sleep is very important and if you don’t get enough sleep or you don’t sleep at all, it can lead to serious problems to your life. As a kid, you had to take naps and get the right amount of sleep to fully function. For example say that your younger sibling that’s five hasn’t taken a nap, you’ll know that they will be cranky. That’s how us teenagers are, if we don’t get enough sleep we end up cranky and our brains don’t fully function throughout the day because we’re tired. If you would want to have that good amount of sleep, here are some ideas that can help you.
    Sleep one hour earlier than your usual bedtime, turn off your phones fifteen minutes before you go to sleep because the light in your phones causes you to stay up longer, drink milk to help you sleep, and don’t drink caffeine after 2pm it can cause you to sleep late at night.

  14. This article is opening our eyes about how lack of sleep is degrading our everyday life. I actually witnessed this with my mom. My mom usually sleeps very late and wakes up really early. It has actually started to take a toll on her, when she lately went to the doctor’s office and they told her that her immune system was low. She had to take tons of tests just to figure out why this was happening. She later went to her doctor and she told him that she usually sleeps 6-7 hours daily. That’s the moment the doctor knew exactly what was going on. He told her that her lack of sleep was making her body act 10 years older than her actual age. My mom’s 36 years old and her body are acting 46. My mom has created a better sleep style. She sleeps earlier and wakes up later than usual. It has shown a huge improvement like her mood has gotten way better.

    It’s scary knowing that if you don’t have enough sleep it can become a toll to your body. If this happened to my mom and she’s an adult. The consequences are greater if you’re a teen. So what am going to do now on is too sleep earlier than usual and not leave things to the last minute. If I leave things for the last minute it makes us be awake longer and it’s not good. If anyone wants to succeed in life sleep is as vital as food and water. Can you imagine a life without sleep? It will be immense torture.

  15. Reading this article makes me pretty worried because I know for a fact that I don’t get enough sleep and seeing what that can do to you is just scary. I know we always say, “Oh no! There are serious problems that come from not getting enough sleep?! I’m going to change my ways!” Well that’s what I think at least, except I know that I’ll probably still stay up until midnight even though I have to wake up at 5 every day. It’s not like I have complete control over it, because my body is so used to this routine that I usually can’t fall asleep before 11. That just seems impossible. I know I can’t be the only one who faces this problem. Our bodies just get used to their routine and it’s hard to make them follow a new one, but it isn’t impossible.

    I think if you’re someone like me, who is so used to sleeping late it’s almost impossible sleeping early, there’s a couple things to do to get your sleeping schedule back on track. The first thing is to refrain from taking naps during the day so when it comes time to sleep, you’re actually sleepy. Second, a healthier diet can really help balance you out. Even just trying to make a healthy switch once a day could make a difference. Lastly, work out when you can! That is the number one way to get you so tired you’ll be wanting to sleep at 10. Hopefully more people can get find ways to get enough sleep, because sleep deprivation is a serious problem that we don’t really talk about.

  16. Some things I believe I can change in order for me to get more sleep would be to stop using my phone at a certain time. If I do this I would probably get more sleep because I wouldn’t be talking to people that late and it would relieve stress that I could possibly have. I could also stop procrastinating on work, because if I did stop I wouldn’t be working on the project I have the night before, stressing about how it’s going to come out and worrying if the rest of your group members did their work. If I stopped procrastinating as much as I do I wouldn’t have to sleep so late and be stressed. I would recommend to other people to get enough sleep because it is not fun to have to wake up at a certain time yet still tired and having to go to school and learn something new every day. Because when you are tired you tend to daze off and not pay any attention to what people are saying to you or what the teachers are saying to you and that doesn’t work at all because you go to school to learn not to be a tired person and not pay attention. The main idea about this article was to inform people about how important sleep is to everybody and how it affects everyone even if they try to deny it.

  17. After reading this article, I don’t feel bad at all about my odd sleeping habits. It shines a light onto the fact that most teenagers aren’t operating on proper amounts of sleep just like me. The majority of us are operating on “suboptimal levels” of sleep and we can hardly tell that we’re not working at our best. The article basically tells us that we can’t really fix your sleeping habits and get back on track by sleeping early tonight or for a few nights. Do we really have ourselves to blame for this? Research has been done that most teenagers tend to sleep and wake up later, so why do schools still force us to come to school early? As mentioned in the article, if we started school even half an hour later, it would greatly help. We can’t really control that, so how can I actually adjust my sleeping schedule if it’s based on my school schedule? The practical answer would be sleeping earlier than I usually do, which is at 10. Then I get up around 6. That’s roughly about 8 hours of sleep. It’s not enough, and it’s really not realistic for me to sleep at 9 or get up later because of my school schedule. Ideally, that would be great, but honestly I wouldn’t be able to do that consistently and I’m not blaming homework or the duties I am responsible for, I’m just being realistic here. I can’t really alter my life schedule to ensure that my sleeping schedule is ideal in order to enhance my performance. I understand that sleep is a fundamental part to improve my performance, but I can’t compromise my work time for sleep time.

  18. Well I know for a fact that I do not get enough sleep. On a good day I will get like 7-6 hours and on a bad day I will get like 4-3 hours. My sleep cycle is pretty bad and what makes it worse is that sometimes I’ll take naps for 30 min to an hour. Those naps then make it even harder to sleep at night. Then when I actually get out bed I’m so tired I literally have to take a shower with freezing cold water every morning just to wake up. I usually then drink a shake or a cup of coffee packed with caffeine to stay awake. By the time I get to school I guess I’m alright and ready to go but I know I’m not fully alert. The article mentioned that sleep deprived people perform worse than people that get proper amounts of sleep and I can see how this true by how tired I feel throughout the day. I wonder on what level I would perform if I actually got the proper amount of sleep. I don’t even know if it’s possible anymore my sleep cycle is so bad. I guess I could try go to sleep early and get rid of all distractions but I know I’ll just lay in bed staring at the ceiling anyways till 3 in the morning. But like for reals, the fact that I’m writing this like at 11:20 means that at most I’m going to get like 6 hours of sleep. feelsgoodman

  19. Getting enough sleep is a very necessary aspect of healthy living. Most of us, especially teens, are running on fumes throughout the day. As teenagers, we need around nine and half hours of sleep, which is practically impossible for us night -owls. Since most schools start before eight, students must wake up early in the morning in order to be on time. Waking a teenager at six in the morning is just as bad as waking an adult at three in the morning. On average, I myself might only get five hours of sleep on a good day. I stay up late and wake up groggy because of the lack of rest. On weekends, I attempt to catch up on my sleep by staying in bed until the middle of the afternoon. Sleep deprivation can begin to cause health problems, both mentally and physically. Little sleep can lead to depression, which can most commonly be seen in teens. With these bad sleeping habits, we tend to be more prone to weight gain, decrease in immune function, cardiovascular problems, along with several other issues. In my opinion, time management is a key factor when it comes to how much sleep we get. I know I procrastinate for everything, so I tend to wait until late at night to finish my homework. This causes me to stay up and go to sleep around one or two in the morning. If we start changing our sleeping patterns now, we can prevent having health issues in the future.

  20. One of the many things we take for granted and don’t give much thought to is, sleep. 50 – 70 million Americans have Chronic sleep disorders due to the fact that they aren’t getting the correct healthy amount of sleep. Getting too little sleep can have an affect on the human body for example: weakening the immune system, abnormal weight gain, and even greater the risk of dementia. This issue affects all ages from infants to elders but the most at risk group is teens and young adults, and some believe the school start time is a major factor. Our brains our wired to have a set time to sleep and for teenagers that amount is 8 ½ to 9 hours of sleep. With school times starting around 7 and 8, ( sometimes even earlier, if students have zero period) young adults have a zombie like attitude at school because their brains tell them they should be asleep. Judith Owens, a director at the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Boston Children’s Hospital conducted a study about school starting at later times showed that there was an improvement with academic outcomes and attitudes. Also the self- reported depression rate went down along with a decrease in car crashes. With a decrease in sleep we have become worse learning memory and simple things like arithmetic and reasoning, for children it may be difficult to repair the damage that has been done but for an adult one night of sleep can be a rebound for 5 nights. When it comes to my sleep habits they’re usually okay. I enjoy getting the right amount of sleep and falling asleep. However one problem I do have is using my phone before bed, right when I see it’s about 9 o’clock I take out my headphones and put my phone under my pillow…probably not the best idea. After I do this I feel as if I can’t sleep and sometimes I hop back onto my phone and waste another hour. My advice would be, to turn your phone off and put it away about an hour before you sleep.

  21. This article is primarly about sleep deprivation and how it effect adults as well as teens on the most part. It starts off with a study shown on sleep disorderds and how it can lead to ADHA. Then it contiues on with more research saying schools that start a half and hour later than other schools see an increase in attendance, grades, and GPA. Then talks about sports and how you will preform if you have a good night sleep versus a sleep deprivatuion nap. they said the people that got more sleep preformed better than the others who got some or no sleep. Then it explains more on what will happen to you if you don’t get enough sleep like weight gain as well as diabetes. Then it ends with how you can help yourself to stop or prevent this from happening to you. I guess for myself to get better sleep is to manage my time better cause that a number one problem with me and why I usually don’t get a goodnight sleep as well as not depriving myself of any sleep cause i know me as well as everyone else rather stay up doing something fun or homework than to get a full night of sleep. In all I really think that this issue is a problem with everyone but primary for teens because of high school as well as their life and we need to love this for the good of everyone.

  22. The article “The Walking Dead” by Maria Konnikova is truly an eye opener for the population of America, especially teens, on the topic of sleep deprivation. With various studies and facts to back up her claim, she reveals the major affects the lack of sleep has on people today. In the first paragraph alone she sates an interesting fact a Harvard neurologist told her that shows just how serious this issue really is. Konnikova writes, “Fifty to seven million American’s, Adusumili says, have chronic sleep disorders.” This is an astonishing fact that surprised me and made me question how many of these American’s are teens, and how many of them are adults.

    As the article goes on, she sates that teens need about nine hours of sleep each night but that many factors can change the amount of hours they actually get. One factor is that teens normally stay up late and don’t get much sleep, an unhealthy habit that disrupts our recommended hours of sleep. Another major aspect is school. When teens fall asleep late they don’t want to wake up at six o’clock in the morning to sit at a desk for hours. As mentioned in the article, this type of behavior causes “circadian disruption”. Circadian rhythm is basically an internal clock that is synchronized to light and dark cycles and works with the body’s environment to wake you up at the same time every day. This is disrupted when people have a lack of sleep; it disrupts and confuses the internal clock in our body. Other severe consequences of sleep deprivation include, weight gain, hyperactivity, a constant jetlag feeling, impaired motor skills, long term health impacts, it even has us acting like we’re drunk.

    So what is the solution? Well the most logical way to fix this issue is to sleep more, but this is difficult, especially for teens. With school, sports, and other extracurricular activities this make things hard to get an adequate amount of sleep each night to fix sleep deprivation. Also we would have to fix the bad habit of staying up late, but that seems physically impossible for people who regularly stay up late. In the end I believe to completely fix this problem, our population as a whole has to make major adjustments in our society and sleeping patterns.

  23. The importance of sleep is often under-emphasized in my life. I have a tendency to substitute precious hours of sleep for things like watching T.V. with my family, playing with my phone while in bed, and waking up early to exercise. These activities can deprive me of several hours of needed sleep. By playing on my phone in bed, I put my mind into a state of activeness and I prevent myself from falling asleep in a timely manner. When watching T.V. with my family I lose track of time and that results in me going to sleep at a time that is later than usual. Most of my sleep is lost due to the fact that I wake up early every morning. The latest that I can sleep in on weekdays is 6 a.m., I usually wake up at around 5 a.m. That means that everyday I lose at least 1 hour of sleep in the morning alone. Fixing the problems that deprive me of sleep should be a fairly easy task. To prevent myself from playing with my phone in bed, all I have to do is leave my phone in another room while I sleep. In order to prevent myself from losing track of time when watching T.V. with my family, I can set a timer that limits the amount of time I can watch T.V. each night. Waking up later in the morning is the easiest solution to my problems. This solution requires the least amount of sacrifice and strife. Although the first few days of my new sleeping habits may be difficult, after about a week, I will be able to adjust swimmingly (word of the day 9-11-15).

  24. When I read the title, I couldn’t help but think of the end of the world and zombies running around without a functioning brain. But as I continued reading, I saw that the article was definitely not about zombies (or at least not about the ones we see in the movies). It was about our society’s unhealthy sleeping habits and their consequences.
    Josna Adusumilli, Harvard neurologist and sleep medicine physician says, “Most of us are operating at suboptimal levels basically always.” To put this statement into perspective, “most of us” refers to the fifty to seventy million Americans that have chronic sleeping disorders. Furthermore, said Americans are “operating at suboptimal levels”, which by definition means that they are performing at “less than the highest standard or quality”. Now, I may not know much about the inner workings of society, but if there is one thing that I am absolutely positive of, it’s that most if not everyone expects the highest standards and quality of everything. If something does not meet our expectations, we disregard it and move on to something else that will. So why is it that when it comes to ourselves we don’t treat ourselves with the highest of standards and quality care so that in exchange we may also serve to the highest of standards and offer our 100%?
    To put it simply, in my personal experience, I don’t give myself the proper amount of hours to sleep because I choose to spend my time doing other things whether it’s productive or not. And it’s not that I don’t hear the small nagging voice in the back of my mind saying, “YOU NEED SLEEP!”, it’s that I don’t manage my time as I should and therefore pay the consequences for it later. I believe that this is the downfall of many and so if we want to improve our sleeping habits, we have to make a change in how we organize and manage our time.

  25. Sleep deprivation is something that most people have been through. I know all too well the feeling of getting a few hours of sleep then waking up to get ready for school. I believe something that I can do is manage myself and my time better. The main reason I don’t get enough sleep is because I am finishing something I should have started earlier. To fix this I could start managing my time better and going to sleep before 11 PM. By doing this I would get at least seven hours of sleep. This would be a good start to getting more sleep. According to studies performed more sleep shows improvement in test scores, higher G.P.A., and an improvement in health. I feel that if more schools started school at 9:00 students would improve and do better G.P.A wise. Another study shows that car crash rates dropped by about seventy percent when people got more sleep. Sleep is essential to students when it comes to grades and sports, less sleep shows that students don’t do as well; while more sleep shows that students improve and tend to do better overall. Students should get more sleep to do better in school. Which would improve the school’s overall testing average.
    As people age sleep deprivation rates get higher and higher. A study performed by Adsusmilli shows that if you get six hours of sleep a night physical performance goes down and your performance drops and is comparable to those who are up for twenty four hours.

  26. I couldn’t agree more with the content in this article. Sleep plays a large role in our lives and how we function but it is commonly disregarded and over looked. It seems almost inhumanely possible to receive the hours of sleep needed nowadays with how demanding school and work is. As a student, I am expected to get to school by 8 am but I still have to wake up much earlier at the time of 6 am to be able to get ready, eat breakfast, and actually travel to school. I spend 7+ hours at school, and then I am expected to do more work while at home which interferes with my sleep schedule greatly. There is lots of pressure on students, especially high school students going into college soon, to exceed in school, get straight A’s, be involved in extracurricular activities, and to just do so many things which nobody really has time or patience for. The students that we see as “perfect” and “well rounded” most likely have sacrificed lots of their sleep to be able to complete so many things. Nobody is truly superhuman, even the people whom we think are. We all need a set amount of hours of sleep to truly function at our best. It is not healthy for us to continue our bad sleep schedules because it could very much negatively impact us in our near futures. It is amazing how many different problems can be solved by getting a good night’s rest every night.

  27. “The Walking Dead”, is an article that discusses the effects that sleep has on America saying people don’t get enough sleep and I believe that is true because whenever I sleep I usually get about 5-6 hours of sleep a day excluding the weekend. Adults need about 7 hours and teens need to get 9 hours of sleep but I believe teens will never get that much sleep unless it’s during the summer. This article showed studies of how sleep affects our daily life as adults and teenagers, there was a study where a school started an half an hour later, it showed higher GPAs and there were more students present also there were less car crashes in teens. As teens we need sleep to function, but if we get a couple of hours of sleep our brains can only function fully only for about 2 days out of the 7. Also stated in the article if we even start sleeping more today it may be too late to avoid sleep deprivation. Kids are more likely to get sleep deprivation because their brains are still growing and changing. If kids are getting little sleep throughout the years of growing up they can get sleep deprivation and it will follow them into their adult life. If we the people are still sleeping for 5-6 hours a night we need to change that because we need to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day just to fully function throughout the week if we don’t we are most likely to get sleep deprivation.

  28. This article was not surprising to me; obviously getting enough sleep is very important for everyone. I read another short article before how schools that began later had better students. Then I wonder why more schools that I know haven’t done anything about it yet since there is research and studies that support it. I agree that if someone is sleep deprived it, can potentially be dangerous. I believe that the majority of teenagers are sleep deprived and many of them are brand new drivers, and that is a bad combination. This can happen to adults too but I believe it might be more likely to happen to teenagers because they need more hours of sleep. The one thing that I was unaware of and definitely scared of is when the article said that, “you may be too late to avoid some of the impacts of sleep deprivation”. This really opened my eyes because I had always had trouble sleeping, ever since I was young. So it is really scary to think that I might suffer some sort of negative effect caused by sleep deprivation. I have a pretty hard time being able to sleep at a decent time but I really do think I need to make changes even if it is too late, because it can help lessen the negative effects I might have. I believe the most effective way I can sleep better is to restrict myself from technology and not bring it to bed with me.

  29. We never sleep because sleep is for the weak, this tends to be the mindset of many sleep deprived teens and adults. Often times we fail to even notice the effect that lack of sleep can have on our bodies. We may even go weeks without knowing anything is wrong with the way we go about our day. The effect of sleep deprivation comes with great consequences. Some of the consequences of sleep deprivation are depression, uncontrollable emotional response, inability to make proper decisions and in children hyperactivity. In many cases, the person who is lacking in sleep won’t notice the effect on the body until we fail to succeed in many of our daily actions begins to show. Seeing the importance of properly sleeping is the only way we may be able to properly afford our mass schedules and time consuming work and finally get rid of our bad habit. Sleep deprivation is very difficult to overcome because it is not an automatically noticeable problem, due to this it can be hard to fix. Not noticing our limits and our body’s reaction to not sleeping properly is the main problem we as a society have. More times than not, people with sleep deprivation sleep only for an amount of about 6 hours a day or less. Not sleeping the acquired hours is seriously dangerous to a person’s health. Klerman, a psychologist, realized in one of his experiments that one of his subjects were severely sleep deprived when the subject returned after proper sleeping realizing exactly how much he needed the sleep. I believe in order for me or anyone for that matter to feel their best everyday is to properly organize themselves into a schedule that supports them and their bodies. Our bodies are machines that require the proper care in order to function the way we want. We must learn to set aside our degrading lifestyles in order to ever live normally and efficiently.

  30. Nowadays, nobody really thinks much of sleep deprivation due to the fact that it is so common in our society that nobody really thinks of it as an issue. Unfortunately, it is a bigger issue than most realize, which is why many people (including myself) need to be aware of the body’s needs; of those that should be aware are schools, but in addition to being aware they need to do something about it, specifically, school start times.

    Schools need to start later in the day because as Judith Owens of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Boston Children’s Hospital states, “Waking a teen at six in the morning is like waking an adult at three at night.” Schools should, in fact, should start later as to give their students more sleep and thus can be better students while at school. As the article states in the fifth paragraph, schools that start even just half an hour later see “an increase in attendance, test scores, G.P.A.s, and health.”

    As much as that helps, however, schools can only do so much. We as students and as people, in general, need to take initiative in their own lives to get more sleep. If we get the opportunity to get more sleep, don’t squander it only to go to sleep later. Go to bed at the same time or perhaps earlier than before. Teenagers especially complain so much about not getting enough sleep yet do nothing to change that. In the words of Miley Cyrus, “Stop ******** about it and just do it.”

  31. It is a known fact that one of the problems of our twenty four seven computerized modern world is an almost constant sleep deficit. There are several reasons for this plague of sleeplessness. One is constantly shifting work schedules. We evolved in caves and were slaved to sunrise and sunset. We have an inbuilt rhythm based on the sun. Now our work schedules shift constantly and our bodies strive to adapt. Another problem is the proliferation of electronics. High definition televisions glow with a brightness not seen in nature. LED computer monitors and smart phone are also intensely bright. As we use these devices at home in the evening, they reset our natural rhythms. Our digital clocks may say its nine PM, but the constant brightness of these gadgets convince the reptilian parts of our brains that’s its high noon on the savanna. When we finally turn them off and lay down to a good night’s sleep, we lay wide awake in the dark, wondering why our brain is on overdrive. Another problem is the forest of red or green or blue LED’s that indicate our high definition television is off, that our cable box is on or that our smart phone is charging.
    Most medical doctors will advise a moratorium on bright screen at least thirty minutes before bedtime, if not sixty minutes. This gives our brain a chance to relax without the intense high powered light emitted from these twenty first century devises. Also, the constant stream of input from emails and texts delivered on these devises keep our brains working up to the last second before turning out the lights, making relaxation that much more difficult.

  32. I’m not surprised much by the blog post. Many teenagers complain about how they have a hard time trying to fall asleep and how waking up in the morning can be dreadful. Also, I am aware of how teens are supposed to be getting a lot of sleep but the excessive homework and early school times make it hard to do so. I use to believe that sleep was optional and was not necessary. I would pull multiple all-nighters in a row and think I was fine because I wasn’t sleepy during the day, only to realize that I was being given energy by the adrenaline being pumped into me. At the end of the week, I would take eight hour “naps” to make up for all the loss sleep during the week. Once summer vacation arrived, I was finally able to get a full night’s sleep. It wasn’t until a month into vacation that I realized how sleep deprived I was. I would sleep for 13 hours on average, thinking that was normal for a teen. Then a week into August, I started only sleeping only eight hours. It took me a long time to recover from all of my sleep deprivation. Now, I can’t stay up past ten or else I’ll get sleepy. What I have learned from that experience was to go to sleep earlier and set up multiple alarms to remind me to get ready for bed. I finally know and appreciate a good night’s sleep.

  33. “The Walking Dead” by Maria Konnikova brings up the issue of sleep lose in America. I agree with this article 100%. I on average sleep 6 hours during the summer but when school comes around that drops too about 4-5 hours. i honestly don’t see how teens or adults can get the hours of sleep that we need. Work and school are both extremely demanding and i don’t see how we can get all the sleep we need. My school starts at 8am and too make it to school on time i have to wake up at 6am. I have to wake up at 6am in the morning to make it to school on time. I usually wake up at 4:30 or 5am so i can work out. This article says when people are sleep deprived they act like they are drunk. When im tired i sometimes don’t remember most of my day its all just a big blur. Again i agree with this article 100%.

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