9/3/15 Luke D.

Today, class began with 20 minuets of SSR which was followed by a presentation by Mrs. Edwards titled, “What Makes a Solid EQ?” As the class took notes in their notebooks, Mrs. Edwards talked about what an EQ is, how to write one, and why they are important for senior year. Then, everyone took out their list of pet peeves and were instructed to create an EQ based on one of the pet peeves they wrote down. Mrs. Edwards then collected all of the EQ’s and put them in a bin. The next activity was a mini darkness discussion. Ten people volunteered to participate in the discussion which was centered around a randomly chosen student EQ. We had time to do two different Harkness discussions and after each one, Mrs. Edwards explained what went well and what didn’t go well. The students were also encouraged to share their observations on the discussions. Asking questions, addressing people by name, and citing sources to back up your statements are all strategies that will improve a discussion, and ultimately raise your grade in a Harkness discussion. The clock then struck 9:26 and class was dismissed.


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