8/31/15 Luke D.

Today, English class began with SRR. As Mrs. Edwards warned us, SSR began silently and without instruction. After twenty minuets, Mrs. Edwards recorded everyone’s book name, current page number, and whether or not it was a challenge book. She also instructed the class to continue in silence even after she has recorded your SSR progress. Everyone then turned in their completed identity grids and Mrs. Edwards proceeded to explain the blog assignment for this week. This week’s blog assignment is qualitative and will be due this Friday at 8:00pm. Then the process in which everyone will recite their sonnet was explained. Important points of instruction include ending your recitation with a polite “thank you”. Madalyn H. was deemed the accuracy checker and prompter for the day and those who need a line of their sonnet read to them were instructed to say, “Line” and Madalyn would read them the next three or four words of their sonnet. Note that only three prompts are allowed per person. Also keep in mind how Mrs. Edwards is grading the sonnets. (See the handout for summer homework. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B65Wh38oNbFAT01SYnk2N09TNmc/view) Before we began reciting our sonnets, the class was allowed to take a nervous pee break and when everyone had returned, the recitations began. Exactly half of the class recited their sonnets today, starting with volunteers and then in sonnet numerical order. After 18 people had recited their sonnet, Mrs Edwards explained the purpose of the notebook. The notebook is there for recording anything you learn in class. It can be done in most anyway you choose as long as the pages are numbered and there is a table of contents in the front. The notebook will not be graded but can be turned in for extra credit at the end of the semester if you need a grade bump. Class then ended and all were dismissed.


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