As has been mentioned before, English class is comprised of more than just practicing your reading and writing abilities. It is supposed to hone (fancy word for ‘improve’) your listening and speaking skills as well.

Keeping these four domains in mind, at which do you think you are most proficient? Please expand, then share a strategy that has helped you become so successful at it.

Example: My strength in English has to be in writing, specifically fantasy fiction. I like to create characters and throw them in scenarios that could never happen in real life then figure out ways to get them out of trouble. I believe reading an obscene amount of fantasy growing up has helped me with my writing because being exposed to so many books allowed me to pick up on the different techniques authors use to make a story come to life.


38 thoughts on “2015 BLOG ASSIGNMENT #1

  1. My best strong suit in English is reading. I can read fairly fast while still understanding the material. I developed reading skills fast due to my determination; everyone else in my 1st grade class knew how to read at least simple things while I was very behind and didn’t know how to read at all. I fell in love with reading right away and challenged myself with higher and higher levels of books. I still try to challenge myself and read books which are more advanced.

  2. when it comes to my strong point in English class I would have to say it’s writing, more along the lines of creating Fictional stories. I enjoy writing about imaginary people and having them go through a scenario that could possibly happen in life. I also really enjoy writing about personal events that occur throughout my life. Whenever I find myself going through a tough time I write about it in my diary. Yes a diary, I’m not ashamed of being 16 years old and still writing in a diary because it keeps me sane. Well for the most part, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not quite normal. Anyhow, I believe the strategy I used to become successful at writing is taking things like essays on exams fairly seriously and putting a lot of thought into what i was trying to say. So all the exams I got in elementary school, like STAR testing, helped me along my path of loving writing. They taught me to take a sense of pride in what i was trying to say and still to this day have effect on the work I turn in.

  3. My strongest field in English would have to be speaking. I am able to walk up in front of the class, speak about what I have to say, indicate that I know what I’m talking about, and can have a loud voice. At first I might be nervous, however I then easily transition and feel more comfortable and confident about what I am talking about. Doing presentations in front of the class certainly helped a lot, also before I present anything at school, I like to practice at home with my family or by myself until I am satisfied with my knowledge on the subject.

  4. My strongest field in English class would have to be speaking. I do not consider myself to excel at writing, reading, or listening but I do believe that my speaking skills are above average. I am able to go in front of an audience and be able to present or speak. I feel comfortable and don’t get too nervous speaking once I get started. Having my mom show me how to be confident and speak to people is what helped me excel in speaking. My mom herself is a good speaker and I feel like I get that from her. Without my mom teaching me how to speak in front of people the way she does my speaking skills would just be average. As for strategies to get me ready for speaking I usually practice what I have to say in front of a smaller audience. Once I get that done speaking in front of a larger crowd will be no problem.

  5. I think my best english skill is speaking. I am a really good communicator and everyday conservator. Between my volunteering and events with family and friends, I am constantly meeting new people, and getting to know them in a short amount of time. My best strategy for being a better communicator is having confidence in what you say and how you say it. The more you believe what you say, the more other people will believe it too! So be confident in what you say and eventually you will enjoy the finer points of everyday conversation.

  6. My best English skill would be reading. I can absorb information that I enjoy reading easier, and I just love to read in my past time. Since I have other things to do, I had to create strategies that would help me read more effectively. Honestly you need to enjoy the content you are reading, and if you are having a hard time with it, you must put yourself in a position where that’s all you can do. Try sitting in an empty room and only have the book with you, or when you are in the car going on a far distance trip, that always helps too. I can’t stress it enough that you must enjoy the content, if you find it boring you have to try and find something you enjoy about it, then focus on that aspect so it helps you absorb everything.

  7. I think my strength in terms of English class is my speaking abilities. I have enough confidence in myself to go up in front of an audience and present my information well and with confidence. I think my speaking skills became my strongest point because I am very talkative person, so I talk a lot and this has helped me gain confidence in myself. We also do a lot of presenting and speaking to others at IPoly and this has greatly helped me improve my presenting skills.

  8. My strength in English must be reading. Reading is such a powerful tool to learn. I usually read pretty quickly only if the text is very interesting and understandable. The techniques I usually use is to get a novel with a great summary. Then I read in a quiet place without any distraction. Then I read until I finish the book.

  9. My strongest field in English is speech, it is actually something I have a passion for and very much enjoy. I have no problem getting in front of a group of people and speaking, and persuading them to see my way. Personally, I love the thrill of getting in front of a crowd and speaking because anything can happen! I believe the way I was brought up and the people I had supporting me has helped me develop these very skills. From early on, going to regional speech meets in elementary school or having the lead in the school play, they have all played a crucial role in developing the way I speak in front of a group of people. I’ve been taught, “If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives” and that is something I hope to accomplish through my ability to speak and communicate well.

  10. One of the skills that I believe that I have mastered on throughout the years is to read fast. This skill has helped me get through books that I haven’t been interested in as much as in others. A strategy that I would give to someone else is to start off with a book that they enjoy and if they do they will tend to want to keep on reading and when they tend to keep on reading they get the hang of it and will eventually start another book and go through that book faster than the first one because they have practiced their reading skills they’ll be able to move their eyes faster and still be able to comprehend what is going on in the story or whatever they’re reading.

  11. My strongest ability in English is speech. I feel that when I am speaking I can more clearly portray my ideas than if I were to write them out. I became successful in obtaining my speech skills through practice. I would practice by teaching others and by staying calm when doing so. Keeping calm allows me to make sure my ideas come out clear and concise. The clarity and concision of my speech allow my speech skills to flourish.

  12. My strongest skill in class is reading. Ever since I was old enough to retain information, my mother would always read to me everyday starting with the Dr. Seuss books. As the years progressed, I was challenged to read more books higher than my current grade level. For example, in sixth grade, I was reading books at a ninth grade level. I was astonished and dismayed; I could not believe I could read at such a higher level at my age. Surprisingly, reading is my passion even though it may not quite look like it. Anyways, my strategy is just reading more and more books occasionally every year. I attempt to read at least two or more grade levels ahead of me. Reading creates a more visual picture or a Utopian story than real life and can be enjoyable if you let it. Again, just continue to read and success is possible and is not futile.

  13. My strongest field in English would have to be reading. I’m a well fast reading and get all the important events or things in the that makes the story great. The reason why Reading is my best skill is because I love reading book mostly classic books and adventures books. When I start reading a book I imagine what’s happening and the details of the place and era. He first book that I was very interested in was around he world in 80 because it describe the world back then when different events were happening very well. I always challenge my self with classic and challenge book.

  14. In my opinion, my strength in English is reading. I can read at a fast pace while at the same time processing the content. My reading skill came from my elementary school days when we were required to read books and take online tests to assess our understanding of the book. This drove me to read as many books as possible while still getting good grades on the online tests in order to get a good score in that class. From the years of 5th to 6th grade I really became good at reading at a quick pace and comprehending the information and I believe I became so good by having the drive to do so. I was determined to read a sufficient amount of books and get acceptable test grades for the price of a good overall English grade. In the end my strategy for mastering this skill would be to have determination and set a goal that you can strive to reach.

  15. My strength in English is definitely reading. I’ve always excelled in reading, it’s just something I enjoy to do and have been doing my whole life. I have the skill of being able to skim over a page but retain all the information. I guess you could say I’m great a speed reading. I think becoming successful in reading isn’t something that just happens. When I learned how to read, I never stopped reading. I was always wondering what would happen next so I just started reading faster so I could find out. Those many years of reading paid off and now that’s something I excel in.

  16. My strength in English has to be my ability to speak (present) to others. Its not that i lack in reading or writing. I love to read, but the last thing i don’t want to do is miss an important part in the book i didn’t see and not being able to share with the class. As for writing, it isn’t my strongest suit. I would run into a lot of grammars errors, not so much neat hand writing, etc. I have the ability of having information wrote down and if there is any key points to present i will present or share those with the class. In conclusion, the strand of speaking would be my best friend out of the 4, the rest will just need practice.

  17. Of the four domains in English, I am most proficient in reading. I enjoy losing myself in the words of the writer, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. I also enjoy being exposed to the writers’ different writing styles because I feel as if I can distinctly hear their voice as they tell their story. I firmly believe that just as everyone has a unique talking voice, every writer has a unique writing voice.
    A strategy I found extremely useful in my journey towards mending my hate relationship with reading was having incentives to finish a book. Since I could never sit and concentrate on reading any books, my parents and I made a deal: For every challenging book that I read, I would be handsomely rewarded. As time progressed, I found myself reading for reasons other than being rewarded with money or gifts. I read to bring a sense of self accomplishment and because I had finally began to enjoy reading.

  18. Of the four aspects of English learning, my strong suit is definitely speaking. Being an extrovert, I have always enjoyed talking, while sitting still and listening, reading, or writing requires more effort from me. Being up in front of people doesn’t make me nervous and I’ve found that by taking the time to think about what I want to convey, I can easily articulate exactly that. What’s helped me develop this skill even further is being on the debate team at I-poly. With a coach to guide me in the technicalities of public speaking, my natural talent has been refined. The sheer amount of public speaking practice that I-poly forces on students has also helped me tremendously. This training and practice has caused me to not only excel at speaking but also enjoy it more than ever.

  19. I think my strongest field in English is probably be speaking. I think I’m good at it because I have developed or improved my speaking since freshman year I was really shy in front of people but after a while talking in front of people for a long time I got better at speaking to people. I think a strategy to improve this is to have lots of pratice and to have a knowledgeable amount of vocabulary.

  20. I guess my biggest strength in English is reading. I can read pretty fast and most time have no trouble comprehending what I have just read. My strategy is if I don’t understand what I have read once, I reread it. This helps a lot because it can help you find something you missed or make something click so it makes sense. Another thing I do is look up word I don’t understand this will make your vocabulary much more vast and will help you in the other domains of English.

  21. I think that my strength in English would be speech. I pride myself in being articulately spoken and having a somewhat vast vocabulary. I strive for eloquence not only in written English but in my everyday conversations too. This proficiency in speech is especially helpful for iPoly, as presentations are sporadic and numerous. I truly believe that iPoly has been a key factor in helping me become a better speaker, whether it be the aforementioned presentations or the higher level conversations out in the quad that are consistent with a school of such intellectual prowess. In addition, with the PSAT and SAT looming, practice for both these tests have paid dividends in the form of my rapidly expanding vocabulary. Speech is such an incredible way to convey ideas and opinions and a powerful tool for good, both in and out of school, and I am glad that it is one of my strong suits.

  22. I think my strongest suit in English would be reading, especially fiction. I love bringing books to life with my imagination, and transporting to my own little world. Reading literature has improved my vernacular in most aspects of English as well. I believe growing up with my nose constantly buried in books, has helped me analyze and fully understand everything I read.

  23. My greatest strength in English would most likely be my writing skills. I like being able to understand the structure and the flow of a writing, not just the words. There’s something satisfying in allowing the words to write themselves and getting to push and pull at an idea until it becomes a complete thought laid out and fully formed on paper in a way that might not have been exactly how it was originally planned. I enjoy writing fiction the most because it gives me a chance to build a story from scratch and really let it grow and twist into whatever may end up being the right direction. Nonfiction is more structured and strict in what information needs to be presented. When I write I like to review my facts beforehand and attempt to get a general feel for the flow of the information and figure out how that information is going to best transition into writing. If I give myself an almost broad direction, but a direction nonetheless, I can edit myself just enough to remember to stay focused on the main idea but still flexible enough to make the writing seem natural and smooth. That’s my strategy-creating guidelines.

  24. My strongest suit in English is reading. I love reading, especially fiction books. As I’m reading I love to imagine myself as the main character who hunts demons and fight dragons. Reading Books has definitely expanded my vocabulary and comprehension. I believe reading books has also helped me become a better writer, and helped me analyze and fully understand different texts and writing styles today.

  25. My greatest strength in English would have to be reading, especially non-fiction and fiction. I can read and apprehend the words in books or articles. Reading is something I can do for the rest of my life. It has helped me have a greater imagination and vocabulary. It is a great activity for passing time or if you want to improve on your reading skills. Growing up I always had trouble reading in English because I did not know the language at all. But I had this teacher who taught me how to read and I was just interested in everything she was teaching me. When I read, it takes me to another world and it’s pretty amazing. Practicing to read was difficult for me as a kid but now as a young adult it’s really easy to read things and understand words very well. As some people say “Practice makes perfect.” Practicing a skill takes time and effort. I’m glad that I took my time and effort to practice a skill that is now my strength.

  26. My strongest ability in English is reading. Reading is something I enjoy doing and like to do outside of English class. I love reading fiction books because they allow me to put myself in different cool little worlds and see things from different perspectives. The things that people come up with are very interesting. Reading books has helped me explore the way people see things and express themselves through writing. Because of this reading is my strong suit. It really interests me and I do it often.

  27. My greatest strength in English is reading because I can understand all the flowery language. The best way to improve your reading skills is to read books that are past your level. Even if the book is too hard for you, you can use sparknotes to help guide you along the way. However keep in mind for that strategy to work you can’t use sparknotes as substitution for the book, just as a navigation tool so you aren’t completely lost.

  28. My strength in english has to be speaking. I’m really good at presenting infront of people. I’m not one to get nervous and lose my cool. i pride my self i think on my higher thinking when i am having serious conversations with my grandparents or other adults. i believe just talking to my grandparents has helped me with my vocabulary and lisnting skills. Above all though it has helped with my speaking skills.

  29. I can easily say that the skill I’m most proficient at is reading. I can read at a fairly fast pace and understand what I just read. I used to read a lot of books in elementary school because if you read a certain amount you would receive a little medal, and different colors represented different number of books. I believe that motivated me to read as many books as I could and it was nice to be rewarded for something you enjoy doing. I believe what has help me become a good reader is that I read what is interesting to me. If you enjoy what you are reading you won’t want to stop and overtime it’ll help you become a better reader.

  30. My strongest point in English has to be speaking. Although I’m a pretty shy person on my own, I’ve noticed that when I speak in front of people I get this nervous joy that I’ve learned to appreciate over time. Being able to let the crowd react the way you want by the way you speak, the words you choose, and the vibe you send fascinates me. Coming into Ipoly I was never able to speak in public. One of the reasons I joined Ipoly is to push myself into new opportunities! I find that jumping into the deep end is the easiest way to swim; opening myself to new opportunities, such as joining a debate elective or going to a project based learning school, allowed me to get rid of my fear and really get in touch with this flaw and allow it to become a new skill of mine. Of course, there will always be nervous times and forgotten lines but nonetheless those experiences allow you to become a better speaker. Within time experience allows you to overcome any fear you may have. A skilled person learns from the mistakes they’ve made, the choices they choose, and the experiences they’ve encountered. My advice for people who wish to push themselves to become better speakers is just to simply put yourself in new enticing situations and you’ll see it will soon pay off.

  31. My strongest point in English is my writing abilities. One of my strongest writing sections is writing informational papers or on subjects i feel very strong about. I usually use research and other factors like that to help in my writing. And also because of my gigantic curiosity of just random facts and such it also helps me write and have additional information.

  32. I honestly do not think I excel in one of these domains specifically. While I love to talk, read, and write I am not better at any one. If I had to pick a strongest suit I would most likely pick writing. I love to create my own fantasy worlds, despite never physically writing them down.I imagine a world as if I were reading aloud to someone. My strategy for writing is making myself feel the topic. When forced to write I tend to feel blocked due to my disconnect with the subject. In order for me to get passed this, I imagine myself in the prompt.

  33. In English, I think my strongest domain would have to be reading. I feel that I can read books fairly quickly if I am determined and motivated to. I also enjoy reading especially when I have the option to choose what I get to read. I think my strength in English is reading because I am captivated by the power of words and how they can have so much meaning and take us as far as someone’s imagination can go. I can also comprehend what a text is trying to tell me real easily. In order for me to develop my strength in reading, I read a lot of books and texts that usually have deeper meaning or symbolism or include storylines that spark my interest. This motivates me to continue reading more books, to challenge myself, and improve my comprehension. The moment I reach the end of a book, I usually want to pick up another book and keep transitioning into different fictional worlds. My advice for people who want to improve their reading abilities is to really focus on what the words are telling you, be engaged and get lost in the story. Once you read more and more you will know what you like and you’ll probably end up finishing books more and be motivated to read more.

  34. My biggest strength in English would be speech. I have always had the confidence to speak effectively to any type of audience. Many people can easily be intimated speaking in front of others because they are afraid of what others think of them or fear that they will be critzised. I have always looked at speech as merely presenting a topic to others and not about me or my abilitys. I enjoy speaking to other openly without holding back. Some of the best communicators have presented important speeches by being open, honest, and generous. I feel it is the best way to connect with the anyone in any situation. I always present with confidence and high-energy knowing I will deliver a strong and powerful message with every word. I don’t like to use huge safisticated

  35. My biggest strength in English would be speech. I have always had the confidence to speak effectively to any type of audience. Many people can easily be intimated speaking in front of others because they are afraid of what others think of them or fear that they will be critzised. I have always looked at speech as merely presenting a topic to others and not about me or my abilitys. I enjoy speaking to other openly without holding back. Some of the best communicators have presented important speeches by being open, honest, and generous. I feel it is the best way to connect with the anyone in any situation. I always present with confidence and high-energy knowing I will deliver a strong and powerful message with every word. I don’t like to use huge sophisticated words, or present myself like someone im not, j just like to deliver clear to the point messages and always bring a
    Smile to the faces of my audience.

  36. My strong suit in English would definitely be writing. To me, writing comes easy and I naturally like doing it. I am very good at writing things with correct, or nearly correct, grammar. I have seen many people use grammar incorrectly so I know how to correctly write many things. The way in which I honed my writing skills was giving every writing assignment I got when I was younger my very best and using the steps to writing proficiently as mere suggestions; it is when you do this that you are able to put your own flavor in your writing. I surmise many do not want to write this much, but it will pay off in the end.

  37. In my experience, my greatest strength in English is writing. When I write, I write how I would speak. Although it should mean that I am better at speaking, but when I write I am able to formulate all my opinions and ideas and put it into a clear statement. I’m not much of a speaker because my mind goes at a much faster pace than my mouth does. I don’t enjoy traditional reading because I can’t sit down and focus for so long, the same goes for listening. So, it feels more of a default rather than a strength that writing is my best. I do enjoy writing in my spare time every now and then. I normally write when I’m bored or have free time. There’s no specific genre that I like to write. I write about my daydreams and change certain aspects of them to make them seem more interesting.

  38. In English my strength is writing and the genre I like writing about is non fiction because i believe it is the most interesting topic to write about and everything is true about it. I like writing non fiction stories that has changed our world forever and how it benefit the world. When I was younger my sister in law made me read every single day even the weekend especially the summer because she wanted me to it benefit me and it did because writing is a lot more easier. Also reading non fiction books have helped me with knowing what has happened in the world and helped me expand on my writing abilities. I also had to write a summary for every book I read when I younger, I liked writing true stories based on real people and real events.

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