8/26/2015 Sage C.

Once again we had a simple, but very fun day in Edwards class, and here is what we did:

-Time for Catch up:

We first had to talk about the heading of the blog, which is extra credit for people who want to photo shop one. (Check her board for parameters).

We got our I-Poly hand books and went over a few things, and we also talked about the possible hub house.

Finally we have the stickers for parking, which people who are now driving can purchase the Cal Poly sticker, but have to go to Ray in the office to get a I-Poly sticker to add on to the original one so we can park in the front of the school.


We need our SSR books by Monday and there is a list to purchase or borrow challenge books (Look below for links), which we need to read 3 in 1 semester (Check below for links).

-SUSD (To be continued).

Homework: Don’t worry about it.


Whole Doc

1st Book List

2nd Book List

3rd Book List

4th Book List


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