Thursday: May 7, 2015 – Giselle P.


  • SSR
  • Work on BaBS

Important Notes:

(same as a Tuesday, but keep reading)


  • Last day for extra credit (i.e. Free Rice) is May 29, 2015
  • BRING HEADPHONES NEXT WEEK FOR TESTING. Unless, of course, you don’t mind swapping earwax with others.

Hello there, North House!

The Game Plan mainly consisted of our usual twenty minutes of SSR as well as some time to work on BaBS. Be sure to research each decision made for your school and document that information in a binder unless you’re okay with a low grade. The due date will be coming much faster than you think- so get on it! (tips and such can be found under the Important Notes section I have here, but for today, it was the same as Tuesday.)

Remember that this Friday, tomorrow, elections will be held in the MPR following a Q & A session in which candidates will be questioned by the audience following their speeches. Also, don’t forget to sign up for Senior Presentations. Please see Tuesdays post for details.

Mrs. Edwards also gave us another review of next week’s schedule, considering it will get a little bit confusing…


(I know I already posted this Tuesday, but this post has some other important information and is a lot more simplified. If you’d like details, please see Tuesday’s post.)

  • We will be following a testing schedule with an exception being Elective.
  • Testing will be divided into a total of four hours; the first session ( the first 2hrs.) will have North/East House testing, while South/West House relax. The next rotation (the last 2hrs.) will have South/West testing while North/East relax. I have each testing day elaborated below, so listen up!


(Upon request, this testing session will consist of the Mathematical Performance Test.)

  • 1st Testing Session (8-10 AM): North/East will be testing; South/West will be resting
  • 2nd Testing Session (10:30-12:38 AM): North/East will be resting in Navaroli’s Class; South/West will be testing
  • Proceed to 4th Block as usual


  • We’ll have a 4-core rotation until Elective. During this rotation, Mrs. Edwards will be reading us the required pamphlet (Environmental Lessons) so that we can have the full 86 minutes to write our essay the following test session.
  • Proceed to lunch and 4th Block as usual


(This schedule follows Monday’s. The only difference is the testing; here, we will be doing the English Performance Test. Details of the test include a portion of multiple choice, and a section using audio. BRING HEADPHONES.)


(We will be finishing our testing the English & Math Performance Tests, but also following regular rotation)

  • 1ST BLOCK: Edwards; we will be finishing the English Performance Test (Essay portion)
  • 2ND BLOCK: Hedman; we will be finishing the Math Performance Test
  • 3RD BLOCK: Pang/NAVAROLI; we will follow a regular class schedule with them
  • 4TH BLOCK: Follow regular 4th Block schedule as usual.

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