Tuesday: May 5, 2015 – Giselle P.


  • SSR
  • Work on BaBS

Important Notes:

  • A good mission statement answers the EQ.
  • Use a variety of sources
  • Be sure to annotate those sources thoroughly
  • **EDIT: Go international with your sources, not the location!!
  • What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous? Think types of learning: you and I are very familiar with synchronous learning as it is a more traditional form of education. An instructor walks through each step, guiding us through every lesson with visuals and examples. We learn everything together at once- in short, every educational activity is simultaneous and somewhat dependent upon a given guide. Asynchronous is more independent, and usually in relation to hands-on activities that involve critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Revisit the idea of cultural literacy
  • Think about your audience. Who are they? And what is the best way to present your school to them?
  • Think BIG. Go outside of the box, and don’t be afraid to use creativity.
  • Think in variety; don’t be afraid to use diversity.

Hello again, Everyone 🙂

We began our session as usual with twenty minutes of SSR. After taking roll, Mrs. Edwards spent quite a bit of time informing us of important tips regarding BaBS (as outlined above) as well as our schedules regarding Senior presentations and next week’s schedule concerning CAASP testing.

Though these are events of the up and coming weeks, we were informed of our schedule ahead of time:

Senior Presentations:

  • There will be a total of three presentations a day, though we still have our regular fourth block. We can decide which to see by signing up here and seeing the schedule here. Openings for presentations began at exactly 2:00 P.M. this afternoon. Be sure to sign in as quickly as you can as spots can be filled. Be sure to make one (1) choice each day, and do not skip days as this could result in the server forcing you to start over, and thus, possibly losing your spot in whatever you had signed up for. If you do not vote, then you will be randomly placed. It is highly recommended you choose a presentation of your interests, as this could help you in the very near future regarding your presentation.
  • Please keep in mind that sign ups are divided by sections.
  • We were also informed that these presentations are very interactive. This means that audience participation is considered very much of a given, and spectators should expect to participate in some kind of activity during the presentation. DO NOT BE RUDE. Come prepared to participate, and choose WISELY. It would only do you nothing but good to watch a presentation that peaks your interest so you could take some helpful notes that could possibly aid you in the future.

***THOSE WHO HAVE SIGNED UP FOR SARAH BAGGIAS’ PRESENTATION: Her presentation will involve the presence of flowers, so those of you who are allergic to such things, please do not sign up for this presentation.

  • Tuesdays and Fridays will not be dedicated to Senior Presentations because of elective. As a result, on these days, we will follow regular schedule.

CAASP Testing:

We will be testing next week using the laptops. This test will determine IPoly’s new API scores as well as serve as our last standardized test in high school. There is an unknown portion of the multiple choice section of the CAASP that is required to pass in order to prove validation of our EAP scores. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND DON’T GIVE UP.

  • Our testing sessions will be conducted in rotations in which North/East test with one another, and South/West test with each other. While one group tests, the other relaxes. Luckily for us, Mrs. Edwards pushed for our testing session to be first, meaning that come Monday morning, we’ll be testing away.


This will be the Math part of the test.

  • 1st Testing Session (North/East) from 8-10 AM; South/West will be on break at this time.
  • Break Period from 10-10:20 AM
  • 2nd Testing Session (South/West) from 10:30-12:30; North/East will be on break at this time.


This will be the English part of the test.

  • This follows the same schedule as Monday.


We follow regular rotation until House in which we will use this time to complete the third session of testing. This portion of the test is also regarding English and Math, and both are called “Performance Test [s]”.

Math Performance Test:

  • We haven’t been informed the details yet.

English Performance Test:

  • This test requires that we write an essay about Environmental Lessons, as we were told. Thirty minutes before the actual testing session, Mrs. Edwards will be reading to us an article that we will use in our prompt. We will also be doing an activity for better understandment but… yeah no, we might not. (I assume this depends on our preferences at that time.)

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