Monday: May 4, 2015 – Giselle P.


  • SSR
  • Work on Build a Better School

Important Notes:

  • Create a good mission statement that thoroughly answers the EQ clearly and concisely.
  • Use a variety of sources
  • Remember to annotate those sources thoroughly
  • Open your mind and go international-don’t be afraid to look at another country’s education system!

Hello there, everyone!

We opened our class session on a sleepy Monday morning doing the usual and spending the first twenty minutes of class reading (SSR.) After that, Mrs. Edwards took roll and proceeded to inform us of important announcements that were very helpful to us in this project.

We were told that this week (from Monday[May 4th]-Friday[May8th]) would be the last week in which we would be following a normal routine. Next week, we’re scheduled to be testing so in-class project time will be cut to a minimum if not completely. As a result, we were advised to take advantage of the time given to us as well as treasure the communication between us. Consulting our groups for decisions is key- especially when you may not have time to talk about it in a classroom setting. Remember to keep in touch, guys!

Mrs. Edwards also revealed to us a new “system”of sorts to help us with our work. Below the GAME PLAN recordings on the board, she’ll begin giving us tips on how to improve our progress in our project. I have those tips listed above under the Important Notes section and will be recording them here from now on. Remember that these tips are constantly updating so be sure to snap a picture, write them down, or do whatever it is you need to to make sure those tips remain firmly implanted in your memory.

As a final note, Mrs. Edwards reminded us today that we will be having ASB Elections on Friday. Those of you running for these elections should have a speech prepared, and the rest of us will be listening (with enthusiasm, I promise) to your oaths. The Senior Rep. will also be there, and from what I understand, the election will involve some Q & A stuff between us-the audience- and you, the candidates. As a result of this event, we won’t be having a House block, so groups- be sure to prepare for that also!


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