April 16, 2015

Game Plan

  • SSR
  • Admin: Permission slips
  • Macbeth Grades
  • Ortega Speaks
  • Cultural Literary Quiz


After the usual 20 minute SSR the class was treated to a lecture by Mrs. Ortega on the upcoming Senior Project. The lecture lasted through the whole duration of the class. Mrs. Ortega told us about our summer homework, which would be to find a mentor in a certain career of your choosing and dedicate at least 10 hours with him/her to learning about it. After going over the summer homework Ortega then went on to give the class an insight of what the senior project is all about, what the requirements were and recommendations on how to handle certain tasks. I’ve taken the liberty of jotting down some notes on what Ortega had to say.


  • 10 mentor ship hours required for the summer, 50 hours during senior year (counts as community service hours)
  • You can change your mentor
  • Do serious planning in advance
  • Try finding mentors through people you know, like a friend of your parents
  • I-Poly teachers CANNOT be mentors
  • ROP classes are an exception for mentor ship
  • Don’t wait till July 30th to start doing your mentor ship hours, meaning don’t sleep on it
  • Keep a positive attitude when around your mentor, if you care your mentor cares
  • The more mentor ship hours you put in the more it shows the teachers that you take this seriously (incentive for AE)
  • If going into the medical topic you will need some experience like volunteering at a hospital
  • The purpose of the project is to develop a relationship with an expert
  • If doing sports as your topic you must either be on a team or coach a team
  • If you are doing art as a topic you will need to take classes

Questions to ask yourself

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What will challenge you?



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