9 of March, 2015

Hello everyone in North house

Game plan for today:

  • SSR
  • 32 second Macbeth
  • Form group/begin reading “Macbeth”
    • suggested: 325 in text book
    • read Act 1/ complete blue margin Questions (13)


  • Read Act 1 and complete blue margin questions (13)
  • Work on Y.A.R.T


  • Finish Lab report for chemistry(due Wednesday)
  • We have a math test on Thursday


Good afternoon North House, we began with our 20 minutes of SSR. After we finished reading,Ms.Edwards picked three students to be the head of the teams(Jordan, Itzia, Justin), the captains chose their participants for the teams. We were placed in three groups, each student had a number between 1-8, which we needed to present “32 second Macbeth” in front of the three captains. After presenting the “32 second Macbeth” the captain and Ms,Edwards walked outside to discuss who they requested to be on their teams. Lastly, we ended the day reading Act 1 in Macbeth and completing the blue margin questions.


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