2nd of March, 2015

Hi everyone ! I, Liah Martinez, am your scribe for the week. Please read for information regarding today’s English lesson.

We had a guest in class today.


Game Plan: *SSR + Scribes *Stamp HW *March Writing Workshop Piece *Begin “She’s the Man”

SSR + Scribes: We had SSR as we normally do and I was introduced as this week’s scribe.

Stamp HW: Mrs Edwards stamped our weekend homework (the “what worked, what didn’t work” Shakespeare worksheet). If you didn’t do it on time, you could use a HW pass to get credit. However, Mrs Edwards want us to hang onto the worksheet to use when we begin group work.

March Writing Workshop Piece: Mrs Edwards introduced our writing workshop piece for March today in class. She posted more information on it in the Handouts section of the class blog. Here’s the link again if you have trouble finding it.

For this project, we must write 3 reviews: one for a place, one for a book, one for a movie, all of our choice, as long as they are mostly school appropriate. In essence, She doesn’t want us to review brothels and porn movies.

She provided us with an example of an AE review, which can be found here. The review which Mrs Edwards so loves is the one at the very top by Moonlightgirl.

For North house, this writing workshop piece is due by March 23 on turnitin.com.

Begin “She’s the Man”: Unfortunately, we spent the majority of class going over the March writing workshop piece and did not get to start the movie.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer them.


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