Friday, February 20, 2015 – Jocelyn S.

Game Plan:

  • unpack the EQ
    • define terms
  • Shakespeare in Love
    • letters
    • packet


Good afternoon North House! Today in we had four-core, so our period for English was a lot shorter causing an elimination of SSR. 😦

Next, Ms. Edwards began to explain how the phrase “unpack the EQ” meant establishing definitions for terms in the essential question. It is important to unpack an essential question because it is what we will be doing in senior year. Remeber that junior year is not just “junior year,” it is essentially “pre-senior year.”

EQ : How Do we make Shakespeare relevant and/or accessible for today’s audience?

As a class we identified the terms “Shakespeare,” “relevant,” “accessible,” and “today’s audience” as words needing deeper interpretation.

  • Possible meanings:
    • Shakespeare
      • is he  man?
      • Romeo and Juliet?
      • Macbeth
      • works
        • plays
        • poetry
    • Relevant
      • useful to current life; related to an important topic
      • relatable
      • important; necessary; prominent; helpful
    • Accessible
      •  approachable
      • understandable
      • available
      • different perspectives
      • immediate (2 hour movie vs. reading a play)
    • Today’s audience
      • scholars
      • H.S. students
      • grade school students
      • Average american
    • How
      • Why? (Why do we make Shakespeare relevant and/or accessible for today’s audience?)

Once we finished unpacking the EQ, Ms. Edwards handed out negative permission slip in case your parents don’t want you to see BOOBS in our next viewing of Shakespeare in Love.

After discussing the topic of BOOBS as a  natural function, we were given our a packet which would give us an insight on the film Shakespeare in Love before we actually watch it. The instructions  and the packet are in the pictures attached to this post.

We worked for the last 13 minutes on this packet, and then had to leave to elective. That was all for today, enjoy your weekend and remember to work on Life Stage 2! Thank you for providing me with your time! 🙂


-Jocie S. xoxo

IMG_6138 IMG_6139 IMG_6141 IMG_6142 IMG_6144 IMG_6137


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