Feb. 10 2015 – Kaylyn R.

I KNOW this is super late! Sorry it’s mid term season at Cal Poly and it doesn’t help when you have a night class until 7:50pm AND your professor forgot to mention that he pushed the due date up 🙂

ANYWAYS since Mrs. Edwards wasn’t here yesterday (Feb. 9) Mrs. La Russa was our sub and she gave us a packet of Romeo + Juliet that we had to complete with our partner. On the packet we had two assignments after reading the first three pages together as a class.

Assignment #1 had a timeline from the 1900s to the 2010s where we had to fill out three of our own historical, social, or entertainment facts. Plus there was a question when we completed the timeline. Based on all the research that we did to fill out the timeline, your partner and yourself had to think of a new adaption for Romeo + Juliet setting. For example, Josh S. had the great idea of a North Korean and South Korean love story.

Assignment #2 was just a series of questions that we had to answer from an interview from the director of the Romeo +Juliet film. However, some groups were not able to reach and/or finish the second assignment.

For those who were absent, don’t worry about having the packet at hand, it was a in class copy.

TODAY in class Mrs. Edwards came back! She talked about Entry #7 that was due today at 8pm and viewed the Romeo + Juliet movie in class. REMINDER: We will be doing a harkness discussion on the film and to get credit you MUST have essential question(s) that you are interested in answering. If you don’t have the essential question(s), you will get no credit.

Again, I’m so sorry for that late post. Hope this wasn’t an inconvenience in any way!


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