January 26, 2015

Sorry North House, I missed yesterday but not much was missed at it was a work day the same as we had last week.

Today however we received instruction to go to “www.gotomycf.com” this website is your key to a field trip on April 22 for a college convention. We will be away from school from 8:00 to the beginning of lunch so food is your responsibility and if you opt out of going then you will be stuck in the office for 5 hours or babysat by a freshman teacher while everybody else is having fun.

So today only, at http://www.gotomyncf.com, scroll to the bottom and locate page 3, at page three select “Inland Empire” and then register.

Information with this website is secure and if you are absent be sure to bring the printed barcode you receive at the end of registration to Ms. Edwards.

Also, we received a tip about post #2 for our first life stage. When thinking of your life path, do not list doctor as one because training is needed. Put this in perspective of the day you graduate high school, what is the next step to becoming a doctor? And for that list a medical school and what is needed to go there.

Today we had SSR, continued to work on our blogs, and registered for the college convention.


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