January 20, 2015 – Jennifer A.

Hello North House, this is Jennifer and I’ll be your scribe for the week of 01/20/15.

Game Plan:

  • SSR + Scribes
  • Intro to Life Stage 1
  • Work on creating your blog – Due: Tonight before 8 p.m.


Today we started with our usual 20 minutes of SSR. After completing our SSR time Mrs. Edwards started to talk to us about our second semester project which is “The Game of Life”. Mrs. Edwards explained life stage 1 which is all about college and vocational training. Life stage 1 is about three weeks long and there are 7 entries that you must complete by February 6, 2015. The website which was created to help you throughout the project is – ipolygameoflife.wordpress.com this website contains a description of the project. The Kiersey Test that we took last week will help you discover what kind of personality you have. It is also necessary that at some point you start to read about your personality which is the code that you got from the results. On the website previously mentioned contains some valuable information that will help you understand what kind of personality you have. In order to read about that you must click on the RESOURCES tab, scroll down and under LIFE STAGE 1 there are two websites which are; 16 Personalities and Official Kiersey Website. The website “16 Personalities” is very superficial but it is a good place to start reading about your personality.  The other website “Official Kiersey Website” contains more in depth information about the different personalities.

If you then click on the syllabus which is also found under LIFE STAGE 1 it will allow you to read more about what life stage 1 is all about and the many assignments that one must complete. For part one each individual student must create a form of online blog and the URL must be emailed to Mrs. Edwards at mtsedwards@gmail.com . The blog you create can be designed however you want, but the title of your blog MUST be school appropriate.  Different forms of blogs that may be used are; Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress. The blog that you create will be used throughout the course of the semester. For more details please feel free to refer to the syllabus in the URL link stated above. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you are on the list for NORTH HOUSE and that your name is spelled correctly. If you wish to change your name please inform Mrs. Edwards.

ADVICE: Give yourself personal deadlines to complete all 7 entries before February 6, 2015. Make sure to post the entries in descending order which means to post the 7th entry first, the 6th entry second, the 5th entry third, and so on. So when Mrs. Edwards is grading them it’ll be in ascending order. If you cannot complete this task please talk to Mrs. Edwards for assistance.

Q: How long should the length of each entry be?

  • Mini Skirt – long enough to cover the important parts but short enough make it interesting.

 Entry 1:

  • I am an ___(Insert Kiersey Code Here)____
  • In order to get a P you must answer the 3 questions in a cohesive paragraph
  • In order to get an AE you must answer the 3 questions in a cohesive paragraph and give an example for each question. An example must be from your life.
  • If you have multiple personalities you may pick one or write paragraphs for each code

Entry 2:

  • Bullet list of your three life paths
    • 1 College Choice
    • 2 other choices
      • Such as join the military or work in a supermarket
  • If you are a “College Person”
    • Research
      • Safe School – Guaranteed in with current GPA and financial
      • Reach School – Don’t know if you may get in
      • Realistic School – Kind of want to go there so I’ll keep my grades high
  • Each life path option MUST have three links with information

Entry 3:

  • Answer the research question for your life path
  • Once again use bullet points
  • Some research questions may not apply to you
    • Then write your own research question
  • The format for this entry would be;
    • Type question – then answer
  • There is a website that will help you with the research question and is located under LIFE STAGE 1, directly under the syllabus

Entry 4:

  • There is a link which is called “This I Believe” it is directly under the research questions


Entry 5:

  • It is self explanatory in the syllabus
  • In order to continue to “Entry 6” you must complete “Entry 5”

Entry 6:

  • One letter of recommendation
  • If you ask a teacher make sure they have enough time to write it and explain to them what it is about
    • Mrs. Edwards will accept letters that you wrote but the teacher or adult signed

Entry 7:

  • It is all about your budget
    • Meaning there will be an ending balance
    • You must state the way you will pay for expenses
    •  There are websites that will help you figuring out the budget
      • The websites are located directly under “This I Believe”

Mrs. Edwards will continue to explain Life Stage 1 the next time we see her which is Thursday (January 22, 2015). That is all for today and have a lovely night! Don’t forget to create an online blog and email the URL to Mrs. Edwards.


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