1/5/15 – Jonathan A.

Hello North House! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Admin Stuff (Extra Credit, P.O.L, & Final Paper)
  • Intro Comp. 6
  • Work on Comp. 6

Today we started off class with SSR. After Ms. Edwards wrote down our page numbers and she let us out to watch the annual opening ceremony of the Sophomore Olympics. Once the event was over Ms. Edwards explained the weekly ‘Admin Stuff’ to us.

Admin Stuff:

  • The last day to turn in Extra credit will be this Friday (1/9/14)
  • Support Clerisse in P.O.L! (Poetry Out Loud in the MPR on 1/14/15)
  • Final Paper Due today! (Optional)

After Ms Edwards went over the ‘Admin Stuff’ she introduced Component 6. For this component we will be creating a ‘Virtual Expo’ creating an online poster in which we will be recording our voices to advertise our policies or policy options. Remember AUDIO ONLY.

Here is the link to the virtual museum

We ended our day working on component 6.


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