Thursday 12/11/2014 – Clerisse C.

Hi, everyone! Clerisse again. Unfortunately, I was not here for 2nd rotation, and no post was made… though all we did was take a test.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Component 5

We started class with our routine 20-minute SSR, which went as smoothly as usual. Afterwards, Edwards told us some noteworthy information.

Firstly, if you didn’t know already, component 5’s due date has been pushed to Tuesday, December 16th! This is the due date for the hard copy. Your personal section of the policy paper is due Monday, December 15th by 8:00PM. Be sure to turn it in before then!

Next, Edwards went over today what she likes and doesn’t like about the report folders for our policy papers– the do’s and don’ts of handing in your policy paper, essentially.

Absolutely do not:

  • Use a binder (it is bulky and cumbersome– they take up too much space!)
  • Use a report holder that has a small clasp on the outside of it (it makes it hard to flip through your paper, which is incredibly irritating.)
  • Use plastic inserts/protector sheets (Edwards has to write on the papers. Please don’t do this to her.)

You should definitely:

  • Use a three-hole punch report folder! They are thin, allow you to flip through the pages contained with ease, and make for a much more satisfied Edwards.

It’s highly recommended you continue working on your policy tomorrow and over the weekend, as it allows for your peers to review your work in person on Monday– in-person critique is much more effective and convenient! You’d be doing yourself a great service to bring a draft Monday and have it reviewed by your peers. The due date is fast-approaching, so be sure to stay on top of your work!

Monologue recitations are second and third rotation next week. Remember, you can choose to recite your monologue or recite a poem from Poetry Out Loud’s website. If you opt to choose the latter, bear in mind that you will have to memorize the poem you recite. Furthermore, if you are participating in Poetry Out Loud, the rubric you will be graded upon is different than that of the monologue rubric. You can find the Poetry Out Loud rubric here, and the monologue rubric here. Both can be accessed under the Handouts section of the class blog.

Sidenote: If you’re participating in Poetry Out Loud, please do not use the poems “Fire and Ice”, “Alone”, or “The Tree”. Edwards has pinpointed these specific poems to be on a blacklist of sorts– do not recite these poems. There is a wide array of other poems available on Poetry Out Loud’s website, so please consider those instead.

Reminder: Our final writing pieces are due January 5th! Please ensure that your piece has undergone heavy revisions before submitting it.

Another Reminder: Spirit Week is next week! (December 15-19)

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Ugly Sweater Day (does not have to be a Christmas sweater)

Wednesday: Flannel Day

Thursday: Fancy Day

Friday: Santa/Elves/Red & Green Day

That wraps it up! Enjoy the rest of your day, North House.


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