Monday 12/8/2014 – Clerisse C.

Hello, everyone! Clerisse here, your scribe for the week.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Admin Things
  • Component 5

We kicked off class with our usual 20-minute SSR! Always a great way to transition into the busy days ahead of us.

Once SSR had come and gone, we moved on to discussing Admin Things (should I capitalize it like that? It feels like a proper name, sort of). There’s quite a bit to talk about here! Firstly, we have a test tomorrow. Remember the test we took in the computer lab last week? Same drill this time, except we’ll be tested on reading this time around– keep it mind that because we’ll be reading passages, it may (and very likely will) take longer to complete than the other test we took. Also, results from this test will actually be used by Ms. Edwards to determine what content the class majorly needs to cover for next semester. Essentially, that means you shouldn’t take it so lightly– don’t rush through it and bomb the entire thing because you didn’t feel like reading. The results are important and will be put to use!

Moving on, we are not reciting our monologues this week! Actually, we are reciting monologues next week, during second and third rotation. We received some new information on this as well: you definitely have to recite something next week, but it does not necessarily have to be your monologue. If you don’t want to read your monologue, you can participate in Poetry Out Loud instead– rather than reciting your monologue to the class, you pick a poem from Poetry Out Loud’s website and recite that instead (poems must be from their website). If you choose to recite a poem from Poetry Out Loud, you must actually memorize that poem and recite it. You cannot read it aloud like you are able to do with your monologue. So, key difference here: if you recite a monologue you don’t have to memorize it, if you recite a POL poem you must memorize it (and remember, doing POL is completely optional!). Either way, you will be reciting something regardless, so prepare yourselves if you must.

(Some POL Food for Thought: Did you know you can actually earn $20,000 dollars  if you win Poetry Out Loud at the national level? You have to make it through the school, district, and state levels to get there, but it’s worth the thought if you’re into recitations. Pretty amazing, right?)

Then we moved on to discussing our writing final. Remember, our final writing piece is due January 5, the Monday we get back from break. Keep in mind that you can only submit one heavily revised piece from any the monthly pieces we’ve worked on throughout the semester. You can’t introduce anything new– it won’t be accepted.  The deadline is not too far off, so be sure to keep it in mind.

With that, we wrapped up Admin Things (Should I keep capitalizing it? I like capitalizing it). For the remainder of the block, we worked on Component 5, which has a due date of December 15, or next Monday. The deadline is fast-approaching… you should most definitely take the time this week to work on it! The packet that details about a public policy paper can be found here (it’s under the Handouts section of the class blog).

And lastly (almost done, I promise), we have Spirit Week next week! Try to contain your excitement.

Spirit Week, December 15-19:

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Ugly Sweater Day (does not have to be a Christmas sweater)

Wednesday: Flannel Day

Thursday: Fancy Day

Friday: Santa/Elves/Red & Green Day

Have a happy remainder of the day, North House.


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