Thursday, December 4th 2014- Kyle D.

Happy Thursday North House, last rotation began as usual with SSR. After SSR, Ms. Edwards began to collect LACOE packets once again, if you had lost one please see Ms. Edwards or the office. Following the packets, Ms. Edwards stated that we would be taking the second Common Core test for reading next week. We also will be having a sub for tomorrow, Friday. Before working on component 5, we watched a TED Talks presentation on public policy, which our component 5 would be based on. The speaker spoke of what public policy does and why public policy is great, examples of it’s use, and the future of public policy with technological advancements. Writing Public Policy is our component #5, which we worked on for the rest of class. The public policy handouts will be available on the handouts section on the English blog.



  • SSR
  • Component #5



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