November 14, 2014 – Ariadne M.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Pet Peeves
  • P.O.V. revisited
  • Roll the dice activity

Homework: Noredink by tonight @ 8:00

Hello class,
Today we started off English with the usual; 20 minutes of SSR. We then got 30 seconds to write down 3 of our pet peeves and we went around the room sharing one of them and writing down any that we heard and agreed with. Once we shared, Mrs.Edwards rolled a dice and we were given a gender, age, ethnicity and a location and were required to write about any chosen pet peeve in that POV for 3 minutes. After those 3 minutes were up, three students were chosen to share what they had wrote. (This helped us get started with our monologue.)

Our monologue will be said out loud. The word length should be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words; but remember, we only have 2 minutes to perform it! Our monologues need to be turned into by 8:00 p.m. on Monday. We will be working on these in class on Monday, but if you feel like you need more time, then feel free to work on it over the weekend. Peer reviews will be up and running on Monday at 8:30 and we will be able to work on that in class on Tuesday along with practicing for our monologue.
We will begin performing our monologues on Thursday. It does not have to be memorized, but if we do memorize, it is extra points. If we read off the paper though, Mrs.Edwards expects a flawless performance.
This is a creative writing piece! Not an essay! We can write about something positive if we’d like, but keep in mind that it is harder to be passionate about something positive. Just have fun with it!! We are able to use curse words, but remember, it must be school appropriate!
Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂


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