November 13, 2014 – Ariadne M.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Read page 854-859 in literature book
    • Sheet one – answer all blue margin questions for both poems
    • Sheet two – do questions 2 & 3 for both poems (page 856 for “My Last Duchess” & page 859 for “Porphyria’s Lover”)

Homework: Noredink by Friday @ 8:00

Hello class,
So today in class we started with our 20 minutes of SSR. We then did a class assignment that required us to read two poems (They are listed in the game plan above.) If we didn’t finish in class, we were either able to turn in what we had for a P, or take it home and finish it for HW for an AE. If you took it home to finish, it is due tomorrow. That is all for today. Have a good rest of your days. 🙂


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