November 10, 2014 – Ariadne M.

Game Plan:

  • SSR & Welcome scribes
  • Admin things
  • Monologue intro
  • Monologue Activity

Homework: NoRedInk due Friday

So today we started off the class with 20 minutes of SSR (Like usual), then we turned in the article and notes we took on obesity. Mrs.Edwards then explained NoRedInk for this week. Preston and Clarisse don’t have to do it, since they scored high on last week’s (Good job to them 🙂 ) as for the rest of us, the topic that we scored the lowest on as a class was commonly misused words, so that is what our NoRedInk assignment will be focusing on this week.

Also, there is a house bin in class with our paper assignments from the beginning of the year until now, and Paul has been eyeing them because he wants to take them in for recycling, so Mrs.Edward’s suggestion was to go through and find all our papers and keep them so that if we ever happen to go on Aeries and see that we have a missing assignment; when we really don’t, we are able to go back and find our “missing assignment” and show her.

We then took out our notebooks and wrote notes on monologue; which will be our next writing piece. For this writing piece we will be performing it. We do not have to memorize our monolog. We can read straight from the paper, but if we do memorize it, it’ll be for extra credit, but more on that later. . .

And also a reminder, there is a food drive!! So if you guys can please donate AT LEAST one can of food for people in need. It’s for a good cause and we really want these people to have a nice Thanksgiving feast!! 😀 & also no school tomorrow! So enjoy your day off 🙂

Here are the notes we took in our notebooks today :)

Here are the notes we took in our notebooks today 🙂


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