Game Plan:

-SSR+Welcome Scribes


-Work on proposal

-HW Blog #10 (Optional) due by Friday at 8

-Noredink due by Friday at 8

We started class with our usual SSR then Mrs. Edwards introduced us to a new website called noredink, the North class code is 3caek79a. Noredink is very similar to Khan Academy and it is meant to help us. You must go on the noredink website and put in the required information, then it will take you to a page where you have to pick a few interests. Your selected interests will be used in sentences(but you can change your interests later if you get bored of the repeated topic.) Then you are taken to a page that says Conventions Pretest, which is the assignment due Friday at 8. Just click the blue square to begin your pretest.=)

-More information about noredink:

If you score a 90% or higher on the pretest (45 questions or higher correct) all assignments after that will be considered extra credit=) Keep in mind that its mean to help you practice=)

Ok I’m done for now guys=)

-Sorry about the late post=(

-Oh!Good luck to everybody on the debate tomorrow=D



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