Happy Wednesday! Today we started off our day with Hedman, followed by Pang, and finally Navaroli, who was not here today.

We were given a worksheet on Quadratic Functions and were told that a quiz will be given TOMORROW. We are allowed to use a 1/2 sheet with information on only one side, so make sure to get that done before the test.

We had our Organic Chemistry test, so if ou missed that make sure to let Pang know so that you can take the make up test.

Like I said Nav. wasn’t here today so we just turned in last night’s assignment and then went downstairs to evaluate East House tableaux’s.

•Hedman- Quad. function wrks.
•Pang- Make up test
•Navaroli- Nothing :)

Joke for the day:
What did one ocean say to the other?…Nothing they just WAVED, bet you didn’t SEA that coming. :)