Today in Mrs. Edward’s class, Mrs. Edwards announced some stuff that is worth knowing. We received some surveys that talk about summer school in I-Poly and she is offering extra credit for those who turn them in completed by a parent. She also said we should start working on our boards (or whatever your group is planning to do) for the next trade show after debates are finished. Then she said a lot of stuff concerning Senior Presentations.

  • You can’t switch out with someone else.
  • Don’t ask for schedules because you can print your own! And here’s how: go to, go to the viewers section, click on “11th Grade Only”, Use ctrl+f/command key+f to find your name and click on it, then press “Print this Page”.
  • We still go to elective Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Presentations start five minutes after the block starts and if you are late, don’t even come into the classroom anymore. Either wait outside or in the office, cause you can ruin the presentation. You will also get docked (because we get graded also).

She also talked about the Academic Resume that we have to do for our portfolio.

  • Keep it plain and simple (white paper, regular font).
  • It should only be one page.
  • It should contain an objective, education, experience, and self descriptors (use 3).

We also have Pang’s test and the next debate tomorrow, so I hope you are ready. That’s all for today. I hope this made your day a little better. If it didn’t, you can have this picture.

Hello North house sorry for the late post. Today was an interesting day we did in Edwards .

First off we did SSR like usual

Then Edwards started to give a detailed explanation about how to do your college portfolio. Make sure you read the packet Nav gave you about our college portfolio and start thinking about three colleges, your real school, your dream school, and your safety school. Start doing research on the three you picked for it will make things easier.

A senior came in to teach us how to set up our next years senior’s blog. For the people who weren’t here today ill give a step by step brief instruction.

1. go to and sign using your gmail account.

2. next go to “New Blog” on the far left side of the site

3.make a blog with whatever name you want(make sure it is formal and appropriate.) you are going to view blog and if you are on your blog on the top right corner click on design.

on the left side click on layout.

5.and on layer you are going to click on header and you are going to put your topic for senior projects (its only temporarily)

and i believe that is it have a goodnight north house again sorry for the late post !


Today was a very CHILL day.

We did our normal routine of SSR in Edwards and was given time to work on our trailer which is going to be due on Tuesday, May 6. So another extra day :D!


Movie Trailer, Blog #23, and WW Final due May 5th

Math Packet

Chemistry: 2 worksheets

History: Research Energy Questions due TOMORROW

I-Feast Tomorrow!

Hope everyone gets an enjoyable Good Night Sleep :3

I apologize on the late post for North House.

As you can see I am working on the Lab Report of Calorimetry Basics for chemistry. Remember it is due tomorrow, second block in Mr. Pang’s. Instead of doing SSR today, we went down to the MPR to spend 30 minutes asking our 5 questions to the Seniors of what to expect and prepare for Senior year. The rest of the time during English, we were all set free to work on our movie trailer that will be due this Friday.

The only homework this week is to finish up Blog #23 that should have been done yesterday or today (still counts as your grade). Do not forget about Final Essay of May that will be due next Monday, May 5th.

History: Project Research Activity #1 (10 questions and response) Due Friday

I hope everyone finish up that Lab Report and have a splendid night :3


Good afternoon fellow classmates <3 Today was a daily routine of periods 1,2, and 3.

In Edwards, we did our usual 20 minutes of SSR and discuss about this week’s plan.

For this week’s blog assignment, it will be about the 5 questions of what YOU will ask to the seniors tomorrow. Make sure your questions are legit and in depth of what will help you in Senior year. For example, “Do the Senior Teachers grade harsh?”, “Is physics easy or difficult?”, or “What should I keep focus during my final year in high school?”  It is best to plan out your 5 questions ASAP and do the blog tonight able to be prepared for tomorrow morning.

After all of the announcements, Mrs. Edwards set us free to work on our Movie Trailer. It will be due during this week and we will all watch it on Monday, May 5th.

“The best way to get something done is to begin” – Unknown

(Or we can procrastinate a bit more, we are Ipoly students afterall…)

Requirements for the trailer:  


DO NOT FORGET! Final Essay of May, keep working on it is due by May 5 on TurnItIn.comImageImage

The rest of the day:

Math: Working on the Smarter Balanced Test

         (Don’t worry it doesn’t affect your grade)

          NO HOMEWORK

Chemistry: LAB REPORT on Calorimetry Lab

                 Worksheets of Acid/Base and Buffering

History: Notebook

    Last EXAM!!!

    Book work pages: 902-911 #1-5

Enjoy the rest of the day :3

Write down AT LEAST 5 questions about senior year that you want answered. You will take these questions with you during 2nd rotation this week and interview a senior using them, so try to be legitimate.

Today even though we had 4-core rotation we still started with SSR for 20 minutes. After, we debriefed our last day of Literature Circles. Mrs. Edwards wants to know how you feel about literature Circles. How would you improve or change things? This could help when you do Literature Circles next year in Mrs. Ortega’s English Class. In her class we have multiple Literature Circles and she gives you only 2 weeks to read a whole book with a group of four. So Mrs. Edwards says “Think about thinking! Think about learning!” and she wants you answer these questions:
1. What worked?
2. What didn’t work?
3. What could’ve been done differently? (Mrs. Edwards hate when people say could of. So instead say could’ve it’s the right way to say it)

Example on questions to think about:
• Did you like cornell notes?
• Did you like roles?
• Where the groups too big?
• Where the groups too small?
• Did you like the activities?
Mrs. Edwards gives you time to write it down then she asks random people those questions and how they felt. We turn it in after. Then Mrs. Edwards tells us a big surprise! It’s time for Projination! This Projination is based on your book and this gives your chance to say the things Mrs. Edwards didn’t hear from your Literature Circles. You’re going to be making a movie trailer! You could use an app on the I Pad or make it from scratch. If you want to make it from starch you need these things in your movie trailer

1. Title (Name of your book)
• Keep title of your book
• You could use subtitles (EX: Captain America: The Winter Soldier  This is a subtitle)
2. Tagline (Essential question)
• You ask and answer the essential question
• If your essential question is not good you might consider switching it
3. Characters (The people in your book)
• Show all of characters or several of them
• Explain about your character at and choose at least one
4. Plot (The story of your book)
• Give some story to your book
• Make it interesting you are marketing your book
5. Narration (Person talking in the trailer)
• Wants to hear someone talking during the trailer the “Movie Voice”
6. Key Scene (Importance)
• Its importance to Mrs. Edwards
• It’s suppose to make a person think “Damn I want to read that book!”
7. Review ( The reviews from the book or movie)
• Like in movies when it’s says “New York Times gave this movie 5 out 5 stars” or “ABC said it was “Mind Blowing!””

Mrs. Edwards is not expecting movie quality, but the use of the seven requirements. Mrs. Edwards gave us examples of different trailers using these seven requirements you could look these up as examples to get an idea what you could use

1. Looper Trailer: Narration
2. Captain America Trailer: Plot also might use Key Scene
3. Teenage Mutant Turtles Trailer: Tagline
4. The Perfect Score Trailer: Character
5. Earth to Echo Trailer (SAD!): Bad example don’t use this example at all

Mrs. Edwards does not expect us to meet during spring break to work on this she will give us time to work on this in class the next week we come back from spring break. We have the Smart and Balance test the week me come back. Mrs. Edwards says it would be wise to work on it during the week we come back. So, that in class we could finish the Writing Workshop piece due in May.
Final news for today if you did not pass your test for NoRedInk do the exercise for the week and if you passed the test and want extra credit you could do the exercise too. This is due Friday by 8 pm. Newsela needs to be read and questions answered by Friday 8pm and if you don’t have the code to sign in it is KJNWY please sign up soon! Also, no elective tomorrow it’s Career Fair! It’s the end of the week so “Turn it down for what!” Enjoy you Spring Break!


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