Today even though we had 4-core rotation we still started with SSR for 20 minutes. After, we debriefed our last day of Literature Circles. Mrs. Edwards wants to know how you feel about literature Circles. How would you improve or change things? This could help when you do Literature Circles next year in Mrs. Ortega’s English Class. In her class we have multiple Literature Circles and she gives you only 2 weeks to read a whole book with a group of four. So Mrs. Edwards says “Think about thinking! Think about learning!” and she wants you answer these questions:
1. What worked?
2. What didn’t work?
3. What could’ve been done differently? (Mrs. Edwards hate when people say could of. So instead say could’ve it’s the right way to say it)

Example on questions to think about:
• Did you like cornell notes?
• Did you like roles?
• Where the groups too big?
• Where the groups too small?
• Did you like the activities?
Mrs. Edwards gives you time to write it down then she asks random people those questions and how they felt. We turn it in after. Then Mrs. Edwards tells us a big surprise! It’s time for Projination! This Projination is based on your book and this gives your chance to say the things Mrs. Edwards didn’t hear from your Literature Circles. You’re going to be making a movie trailer! You could use an app on the I Pad or make it from scratch. If you want to make it from starch you need these things in your movie trailer

1. Title (Name of your book)
• Keep title of your book
• You could use subtitles (EX: Captain America: The Winter Soldier  This is a subtitle)
2. Tagline (Essential question)
• You ask and answer the essential question
• If your essential question is not good you might consider switching it
3. Characters (The people in your book)
• Show all of characters or several of them
• Explain about your character at and choose at least one
4. Plot (The story of your book)
• Give some story to your book
• Make it interesting you are marketing your book
5. Narration (Person talking in the trailer)
• Wants to hear someone talking during the trailer the “Movie Voice”
6. Key Scene (Importance)
• Its importance to Mrs. Edwards
• It’s suppose to make a person think “Damn I want to read that book!”
7. Review ( The reviews from the book or movie)
• Like in movies when it’s says “New York Times gave this movie 5 out 5 stars” or “ABC said it was “Mind Blowing!””

Mrs. Edwards is not expecting movie quality, but the use of the seven requirements. Mrs. Edwards gave us examples of different trailers using these seven requirements you could look these up as examples to get an idea what you could use

1. Looper Trailer: Narration
2. Captain America Trailer: Plot also might use Key Scene
3. Teenage Mutant Turtles Trailer: Tagline
4. The Perfect Score Trailer: Character
5. Earth to Echo Trailer (SAD!): Bad example don’t use this example at all

Mrs. Edwards does not expect us to meet during spring break to work on this she will give us time to work on this in class the next week we come back from spring break. We have the Smart and Balance test the week me come back. Mrs. Edwards says it would be wise to work on it during the week we come back. So, that in class we could finish the Writing Workshop piece due in May.
Final news for today if you did not pass your test for NoRedInk do the exercise for the week and if you passed the test and want extra credit you could do the exercise too. This is due Friday by 8 pm. Newsela needs to be read and questions answered by Friday 8pm and if you don’t have the code to sign in it is KJNWY please sign up soon! Also, no elective tomorrow it’s Career Fair! It’s the end of the week so “Turn it down for what!” Enjoy you Spring Break!

So, you guys today we kicked off as usual with SSR for 20 minutes. Then, after Mrs. Edwards gave us our tasks for the day. We would then finish the Literature Circle Activity: Characterization Activity. A lot of groups hadn’t finished yet, so she gives you some time to finish up. You would then post it on the wall and start Day Seven Lit. Circles. This was the final day of Lit. Circles. So, finally the day came to answer the essential question “What if…”!

Literature Circle Final Day
1. Create your EQ (Complete the sentence according to the novel your group is reading)
a. Theme/ Purpose/ Message
b. Structure/ Style
(These are to help you make the Essential Question)
2. Answer your EQ
3. Is the novel relevant to today’s society? Should this novel be on a required reading list? Why or why not? (Must answer this question!)

Mrs. Edwards says the way to approach picking your final essential question is during the first half, think of three essential questions. The next half answer those questions. Once answered, pick to see which would be the best essential question to use. Mrs. Edwards say please don’t ask dumb questions like “What if zombies were real?” Mrs. Edwards says “Don’t ask a sucky question because you will get a sucky answer. This is your final discussion circle! So, go deeper and go beyond the plot!” Your Literature Circle grade depends on how great your question was and how you answer it. In the end of class the things that were due was the poster for the Lit. Circles Activity, notes from your book (Mrs. Edwards does not stamp the notes but she does collect them), and your answer to your essential question.
In other news if you did not pass your test for NoRedInk do the exercise for the week and if you passed the test and want extra credit you could do the exercise too. This is due Friday by 8 pm. Newsela needs to be read and questions answered by Friday 8pm and if you don’t have the code to sign in it is KJNWY please sign up soon! Reminder Thursday is 4-Core rotation, so make sure to bring things you would need for Mr. Nav’s Class. Also, no elective Friday its Career Fair!

So, guys first we started off with 20 minutes of SSR. Then we rolled right into announcements. NoRedInk Quiz topic is Commonly Misused Words its due tomorrow morning 7:30 am. The way the quiz works, if you pass with all questions correct you get an AE and you don’t have to do the exercise this week! Mrs. Edward is doing a new thing called Newsela this is what we will be doing instead of a Blog Assignment this week. Newsela is a website that you test your reading skills. This is geared towards core, to help for the Smart & Balance test. When you go to sign up go under sign up, then student and use this code (KJNWY). This is simple read the article given to you under Assigned Articles. Mrs. Edwards wants you to do the Max level (12th Grade) or the one below that (9th-11th) .No lower any wise it won’t count for credit, if you want to do lower for fun you may. Mrs. Edwards is grading it like this, Max Level answers correctly 4 out 5= AE. Below Max Level answers correctly 4 out 5= P anything lower will result in a CR. Mrs. Edward says “It seems harsh, but it’s the only way I know your actually doing the assignment. Instead of randomly pressing on any letter.” This isn’t that hard so try to get it done by Friday 8 pm. After announcements, we started out with the Lit. Circle Activity: Characterization Activity. What this was, was an activity were you draw an outline of person using the main character of the story, using no faces (Unless you really want to), and able to take out the literature from the story to match the personality on the person your making. In the picture you explain what each part means using the examples
• Intellectual- The thoughts of the character
o Example: This is on the forehead to show that the character in the story is really smart and could figure put any puzzle using their brain.
• Social- How they interact with other characters in the story
o Example: It’s on the arm because this character expresses its feelings by hugging.
• Emotional- How the character shows it emotions in the story
o Example: It’s on the heart to show where this characters emotion comes from.
• Physical- The physical traits on how the character looks
o Example: It’s on the six-pack because this character is strong the story.
• Philosophical- The things that keeps the character moving in the story
o Example: It’s on the legs because it’s showing the legs are what moves us forward in life (Mrs. Edwards made this up on the spot!)
• Prop: To symbolize what meaning is to the story.
o Example: Ready Player One Used a joy stick to symbolize the game and how just one single movement could symbolize life or death.
The way this is graded is if you do those six things give one symbol and a quote you get your P. If you want that AE you put a symbol for every personality trait and quotes to it too. You work with your group on this and Mrs. Edwards doesn’t check the notes, but make sure you have your notes tomorrow or no Lit. Circles for you! So, basically finish your notes if you haven’t done so, NoRedInk Quiz, and Newsela! Good luck you guys! May the force be with you! (I know it’s cheesy!)

Hello North Housians,

Eliora here subbing in for the missing Monique

Today was a simple yet taxing day, I think, for everyone. so without further or do I shall list what we did today:




Instead of having Lit Circle Discussions we had a “catch up” day so to speak. Everyone read or did English related things (with the exception  of Ready Player One who had to do a make up discussion for yesterday)

We proceeded with a mini lesson on character development

The No Red Ink hw is up and running which is due by 8:00 pm on Friday.

Again if you scored lower than an 80% on the quiz from yesterday you are required to complete the assignment.

If you scored higher than 80% you may receive extra credit for completing the assignment.



We took the test and turned in notebooks


That’s all for today kids, tune in tomorrow for another episode of “life of a junior Ipoly student”


Hello North House !

Today we had SSR 

Then we had our 2nd Lit circle discussion

Mrs. Edwards have us feedback after our 30 minute mark.

Afterwards, as a group, we had a debrief.

Dont forget to

A) do the Blog Assignment 

B) finish the no red ink assignment by Friday 8 p.m.


Hey, North House! Don’t mean to horn in on your parade, but I wanted to post the link to our Focus and Depth doc. Feel free to add to it; anyone with the link can edit. Her’s hoping I didn’t just open it up to any yahoo on the interweb to mess with.


2014 North House Literature Circle Day 2 – Focus and Depth

Hello everybody!

Today in class we had SSR

Then we had our first lit circle discussion for half an hour, and then Mrs. Edwards gave us feedback and the grade we earned for that discussion.

Don’t forget to do the No Red Ink assignment by Friday 8 p.m.

(the assignment is extra credit for those who scored higher than 79%)

Don’t forget to do the blog assignment !

Here’s the link for



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