Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Read packet 3 articles
    • PAPA Square
    • write 5 annotations or 3 evidence sheet entries for each page

Today we had our usual SSR. Then we were assigned a packet for reading. The packet contains 3 articles about food and health: “Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables”. “Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring out Its Cause”, and “No Lunch Left Behind”. We are supposed to read all three and evaluate them with the PAPA square, along with a choice of writing 5 annotations  or writing down 3 types of evidence used in the evidence sheet for each page.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • PSAT redux
  • Types of evidence (finally)
  • Reflection
  • Begin reading packet + notes

Today, after our usual 20 minutes of SSR, Mrs. Edwards discussed the PSAT test and how much the schedule has changed. Basically, we will not have house tomorrow because the PSAT will start at 10:15, and it would not be a good idea to have House before the test otherwise students might lose focus. Also, we will not have house any day of this week, because on Friday it will be a 4-core rotation, so we are having the entire 3rd rotation on Friday. So get a good sleep and have a good breakfast so that you will be 100% ready for the test! After discussing the PSAT, we finally worked on the types of evidence. We were given the list of evidence types so that we could fill in the rest of the chart. Once the chart is finished, we had a choice to answer the reflection question on the back of the sheet. The reflection question was, “What is the most effective approach to convince your audience of your position on an issue? Explain.” We did not have time to begin reading the packet, but we were introduced to it. That is all.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Admin stuff
    • + final essay
    • PSAT
    • blog protocol
  • Clock buddies
  • Types of Evidence

HW: Blog Assignment #8

So today, we started with our usual 20 minutes of SSR. After SSR,  Mrs. Edwards talked about the upcoming PSAT, which is this Wednesday.  Remember that the PSAT is mandatory and no cell phones are allowed during the test, and also remember to prepare for it. One thing to note is that you have a choice to pay $20 if you want to report your scoure for the PSAT. After discussing the PSAT, we did this activity called clock buddies, which was used to determine who we sit next to according to the hours of the clock (for example, if Edwards says 12 o’clock, we sit next to our 12 o’ clock buddy). It is unlikely that we will use this because it is only for the houses that cause drama and mischief, and our house is the most behaved. We did an activity where we were asked an “if” question, and the clock buddies would share their answers. Before class ended, Mrs. Edwards wanted everyone in our class to know that always remember to write down the prompt or question when doing the blog assignment so that it is less confusing for Mrs. Edwards to evaluate. That is all.

This week, you will read two articles about poverty – one from the Los Angeles Times and the other from USA Today. Here are possible response topics:

  • Share your thoughts about the income gap. Do you believe it exists? If so, what can be done to close the gap?
  • The first article lists two possible causes for the income gap (falling taxes for the rich and tax havens). What are other possible causes? Research and share other causes.
  • What can you do as a student to ensure that in the future you won’t be oppressed by this gap?
  • Select any passage and respond to it.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • again
  • Finish “Forks Over Knives”
  • Finish Evidence Chart with Types of Evidence
  • Reflection on back


  • Blog #7 (DUE FRIDAY @ 8pm)
  • Essay feedback on (DUE SUNDAY @ MIDNIGHT)

Greetings! (: Well yesterday we started the class by sitting in alphabetical order by first name – strange, random, but fun! Then we proceeded with 20 minutes of SSR. Mrs. Edwards then talked about our assignment on again. Our task is to start the reviews on your assigned essay on It’s an easy task! All you do is answer all 8 questions with the required word minimum. She explained that question #1 explained that we write comments on the essay – minimum of 3! In addition to that, she stated that it won’t let you submit an answer unless written inside the box. Please do the assignment! Don’t let anyone else down! (:  Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get to the last two bullet points on the game plan, but we will revisit them next week!

I hope you all had a great week, enjoy your weekend! (:

“Sometimes the questions are complicated, and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Continue “Forks Over Knives”
  • Types of evidence (?)


  • Turnitin sign-up & essay submission (DUE TONIGHT@ 8pm)
  • Blog #7 (DUE FRIDAY @ 8pm)

Hello! (: Well today we started with 20 minutes of SSR. Mrs. Edwards then talked about our assignment on We first need to sign up for her class; the number needed is 8379287 and the password is berkeley. Our task is to type the essay, modify it if necessary, and then turn it in before 8pm tonight. It’s an easy task! Don’t miss out on this easy opportunity; any grade is better than an NC-0! Mrs. Edwards also explained that midterm is just around the corner. She explained that our grades are harder to bring up after October 24th. So, if you need assistance, it’s better to ask now! We then continued viewing “Forks Over Knives” in class and discussed a bit about what engages us and what distracts us from going off track. That’s all for now folks! (:

Game Plan:

  • SSR & Welcome Scribe!
  • com & essays
  • ERWC & new unit
  • Evidence Chart & types of evidence
  • Begin Viewing

Writing Tip: (recommended to write in notebook)

When referencing people, name them once using their complete name (First & Last) and title (if applicable), then use ONLY their last name for remainder of the essay.


  • Turnitin sign-up & essay submission (DUE TOMORROW, OCTOBER 7th)
  • Blog #7 (DUE FRIDAY @ 8pm)

Hello! J I’ll be your scribes for this week as Mrs. Edwards stated in class earlier today. During class, Mrs. Edwards started by talking about and how we need to make an account if we don’t already have one. Then we have to sign up for her class, North House; the number needed is 8379287 and the password is berkeley. She told us that our task was to type the essay, but we can modify it if we want to. We’re able to use the peer review sheet that someone did according to our essay to make it better, or we can just completely start all over. She also stated that if we thought that our essay was great and we were okay with it, then we can just go ahead and turn it in. The class recommended that we type it up in Microsoft Word, and then submit it to turnitin.

Mrs. Edwards also explained that now that she’s had two days of training on writing, that hopefully we’re all able to be at a 3-proficent level by the end of the semester. She also explained the evidence chart in which we’ll be using for the remainder of the week. We began to watch a documentary film named “Forks Over Spoons”. That’s all for today folks! Until next time! J


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