• Asked us what we thought the second semester project should be? We answered with A life skills project where we learn how to pay bills and do taxes and also manage our money. Lets hope we do that for second semester because it really will come in handy.
  • Ethos, Pathos, logos, we watched a video that explained each one here is the link
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4tTugqBkJU
  • We worked the papa square with our group
  • We did not get a chance to share out we will do that thursday
  • Also Do not forget Disney day for spirit week is tomorrow come on guys we need to show more school spirit! :)
  • SSR
  • Blog Assessment
  • “Hounding the Innocent”

Read this article on e-cigarettes. Then respond to it in a coherent paragraph. Some response starters are as follows:

  • Do you agree/disagree with the argument that e-cigs will lead to addictive use of regular cigarettes?
  • Should e-cigs be regulated by the FDA in the same way that regular cigarettes are?
  • If it remains that the FDA does not regulate e-cigs, predict what effect it will have on our teens in 5-10 years

Happy birthday to Louis! Sorry for those who missed our heartfelt song to him. Today’s game plan was:
-CW p.64 #2-10 [on a separate piece of paper]
P.69 Thinking critically and suggestion for a journal entry [in notebook]
After SSR and our beautiful happy birthday song, we took a moment to talk about September 11th, 2001. Today is the 13 anniversary to the attack on the World Trade Center. We spoke how it is important to remember and mourn those lost. Here is an article I found regarding the events and this years memorial: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/09/11/911-memorials/15435653/
After our talk we sat quietly and worked out of the College Writing book. The activity was again based on the central idea. After answering the 9 questions we either finished our notes from yesterday or worked on the another activity from the book. Part of it was picking three potential topics an essay. Edwards said that these topics will probably be used later on. There is a rally tomorrow and our class color is red so bring your spirt! Have an awesome Friday north house!

Hey hey north house! I hope you all are having a great week. So today the game plan was:
•Your assessment
•Central Idea notes
•Activity p.64-68 #1,3,5
After SSR we took out the papers we worked on in class yesterday. On that paper you should have graded the essays based on EPT scale. We went over the scores we have them and wether or not they matched the scores they earned. Edwards really wants us to be able to write fantastic, beautiful essays so she had us take nots on the aspects of a central idea from A Reader for College Writers. This what Edwards refers to as…
It is very important to understand this concept..not talking..(but we were allowed to have music so this was a plus). Note taking proved to be very time consuming so we never got to the activity. Don’t forget to wear RED on Friday!! NORTH GOES FORTH!

Happy Monday North House,
Today we started out with SRR. We had a busy day in Edwards class. Like most days Edwards went over the game plan:

Recap last week
Intro EAP
Activity: Working the rubric

Now for the recap of last week we just went over the fact that there are two types of writing: narrative and academic. She gave us a flow chart to explain the importance and difference between them. Next we talked about the EPT, the English placement test for CSU’s, and the AWPT, the advanced writing placement test for UC’s. Both must be taken and passed for one to be admitted to college. This led Edwards to explain the EAP or Early assessment program. The EAP allows High School Juniors (JUNIORS ONLY) to pass a college english exam. In prior years student would have to write an essay and would be scored based on their CST scores. Well, Edwards explained to us, since we no longer have CST’s this year the scores will be different but, we will be writing an essay. The rubric for said essay can be found in the handouts section. We were told to become very familiar with this rubric as we did an activity where we had to read several essays and grade them. There were 6 categories each with an possibility of 6 points (Again in handouts section). This concluded our day in English class and my scribe assignment thank you North House and let’s have a great week

Read this article on how the brain works. Then choose a sentence or passage and respond to it in a coherent paragraph.


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